Zhang Zhongmou madly said: The power of the whole country can not make high-end chips

Regarding the development of China’s chip technology, TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou said that the mainland cannot produce high-end chips with all the efforts of the country; while the Dutch lithography machine giant ASML said that China can not produce lithography machines just for China’s drawings. As soon as this point of view came out, it immediately aroused heated discussions among Chinese netizens. Regardless of whether Mr. Zhang Zhongmou’s opinion is absolute or not, the Chinese people will feel very worried.


1. Why do you have such a view?

Regarding the development of China’s chip technology, people in the industry and ordinary people may have very different views. Mr. Zhang Zhongmou and the Dutch lithography machine giant expressed this view. There are two reasons: First, China lacks talent training in chip semiconductors and lithography machines. Without sufficient talents, it will not be able to hit the high-end; the other is that The high-end parts for manufacturing lithography machines are monopolized by foreign companies, and you can’t buy them even if you want to buy them, let alone manufacture them. Since the United States holds many patents on the world’s top chip technology, it is very difficult for China to bypass the research on alternative chip technology. Therefore, many people are not optimistic about China.

TSMC is the world’s leading chip and semiconductor manufacturer, and Zhang Zhongmou is the company’s founder. At present, there are only two manufacturers of the most advanced 5mn chips in the world, and TSMC is one of them. Zhang Zhongmou said that “it is difficult for China to make top-notch chips even with the power of the whole country.” It is true at present, but the words of heart-warming words are spoken by the TSMC boss, and many Chinese people are not reconciled. In the past, most of Huawei’s chips were ordered from TSMC. Under the US ban, TSMC suddenly cut off the supply to Huawei. In fact, TSMC is also unwilling to lose Huawei, a large customer.

At that time, BYD’s president Wang Chuanfu responded with a sentence: “Chips are man-made, not made by gods.” He believes that people in other countries can make it, and so can the Chinese. In the most difficult time in China, we can still make an atomic bomb from scratch. Is it harder to make a chip than an atomic bomb? You know, many of the lithography machine parts that we spent money to buy back from abroad were researched by Chinese people. At that time, many people thought he was brave. However, under repeated suppression by the United States, China can only move forward, and many Chinese are confident that they can make a breakthrough.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei later said that China cannot manufacture high-end chips. The problem is not the hardware level, but the lack of high-end talents! Whatever majors are popular, Chinese students will go to what majors, and universities will build whatever majors. In recent years, computers have been the most popular. In the past, there were a lot of people in accounting and law. On the contrary, there were fewer and fewer engineering students. After many students have gone to graduate school, they have also gone across majors to profitable industries. Why is Huawei’s Hongmeng class established in Northwestern Polytechnical University? The reason is that the students of some famous schools in China can’t sit on the bench and can’t stand their loneliness. After they have achieved some success, they ran abroad.

The development of chip technology is not going to happen overnight, and we cannot rush for success, but we will eventually usher in a day of explosion. It may take time or money and energy. There are already many people and companies invested in it, and I look forward to one day breaking out of the blockade. Looking at the development of China’s semiconductor industry nowadays, it has become a lot more stable. The integrated circuit colleges of many universities have been established one after another. Talent training has begun. Companies are also spending a lot of money to recruit people from companies such as TSMC. Parts, research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and research institutions of various universities are breaking through each.


2. Approvers: Tell the truth!

Those who agree with what Zhang Zhongmou said said: He is telling the truth and truth. Our shortcomings range from basic materials to precision machine tools, which is at least 30 years behind developed countries! These 30 years are the 30 years of self-abolition of martial arts. In the 1970s, China’s semiconductor computer industry was third in the world, 3-5 years behind the United States and Japan, and 2-4 years ahead of South Korea and Taiwan. Let’s talk about a simple example, the carbon element used to make chips, we have refined the purity to five 9s after the decimal point at most, and now Asim has refined it to 11 9s after the decimal point, not to mention any precision machine tools. At the same time, we must also realize that the scientific research environment abroad is indeed better than that at home, and the problem of the outflow of scientific and technological talents must be resolved.

In fact, this sentence is right to see the serious problems of Chinese education. Most of China’s education is for survival or even money, unlike Western countries, which are mostly interests and ideals, so there are very few very high-end scientific research talents. Today’s education is an era of cultivating wealth, stars, and Internet celebrities. If the concept of education does not change, it is difficult to produce useful talents in science and technology. Many inland cities will give you a printer and other plastic accessories. It is estimated that many cities will not be able to make it. Don’t accept it. After all, the lithography machine is built by the power of the entire capitalist power, and it is difficult for China to develop and replace it in the short term. If the talent mechanism and salary are improved, a large number of talents will emerge!

To engage in chip research and development, we must respect objective facts and treat problems in a correct way. Do you say that the atomic bomb can be made to make the top chip? The atomic bomb is really just a few lines in the chip. With the development of science to this day, even Pakistan and North Korea can make the atomic bomb. It’s really no big deal. The power of the whole country is itself a wrong idea. Science needs creativity. The premise of creativity is a relaxed environment of interest and tolerance of trial and error. Taking science as a task or even an order can only backfire. Not everything has three copycat versions. An aircraft, a chip, and a lithography machine are difficult to imitate even if you give you samples.

Chip manufacturing requires technology, skill and skill accumulation, it takes ten years to sharpen a sword, and it also needs to face failure. The problem now is that talents have all gone abroad in a swarm, and no one has accumulated at home… This is a flaw. Dreams are not reality, neither thirst quenches nor hungry! China needs to start with cultivating scientific and technological talents, and also establish a national mechanism to retain scientific and technological talents! Otherwise, the good talents will stay abroad after they have completed their studies, and those who return to the country are all second- and third-rate. How can they succeed? Also, Professor Shi Yigong once said: Tsinghua’s best talents have all gone to the financial field. Shouldn’t the country reflect on it?


3. Those who are not convinced: Just kidding!

Those who disagree are not happy: Just kidding, the chip is not made by God! Once China gets serious, there will be nothing that China cannot do. We will definitely have people like Qian Xuesen and Deng Jiaxian. Within 10 years, China’s chip technology will be the world’s best! Chips are technical and engineering research. It is not enough to rely on the efforts of individuals or a group. It has to be done by the whole country, and the production departments of various scientific research units coordinated and coordinated to work closely. The wise are taking advantage of the trend. The current situation has changed. It is right for the country to concentrate its advantages to fight the war of annihilation and to make up for its shortcomings.

Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the Chinese. There are Chinese in the world’s high-tech fields, and Huawei has a very good independent research and development and chip factory. Which of China’s many high-tech innovative products is gifted by other countries? Has any country given us drawings? They are all independently developed by our scientific and technological workers. The Chinese are the smartest nation in the world. Unless they don’t want to do it, as long as they want to do it, they can’t do it. Self-improvement and the prosperity of the Chinese nation! Of course, the country should make every effort to do a good job in basic education, especially the training of engineering talents.

I really suffocated when I saw it, don’t say anything, no matter how difficult the product is, it won’t be difficult for China. As long as our country pays attention to it, chip manufacturing is not a matter. It’s not good to be high-minded, learn with an open mind, practice basic skills, and make our own things solidly! If ten years don’t work, then twenty years. If twenty years don’t work, then thirty or fifty years. Try Harder! Western countries have been in development for hundreds of years. We only started to formally develop the technology industry in 1978; come on! By keeping the talents, we will be able to catch up.

The development of science and technology is the theme of today’s world, and China has undoubtedly entered the world stage, and Made in China is showing its power to the world. Of course, it is no secret that chip manufacturing is a domestic shortcoming, but we still firmly believe that there are no problems that cannot be solved by Chinese manufacturing. The United States uses chips to clamp our necks, and it has indeed achieved a deadly and vicious effect. However, China has companies like Huawei, with the support of the state and social groups, and China Chip will stand at the top of the world sooner or later!


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