Wutong Auto Union won the Auto Intelligent Networking Service Provider Award for its extraordinary strength

On November 17, 2021, as China’s largest business newspaper, the 21st Century Business Herald is one of the country’s three major economic newspapers and the leader of China’s business newspapers. The 2021 China Automotive Industry Summit and the 21st Century hosted by the 21st Century Business Herald The “Golden Engine” Automobile Industry Competitiveness Research Results Release Ceremony solemnly announced the 2021 “Golden Engine” Automobile Industry Competitiveness Research Honor List. After three months, after comprehensive evaluation by objective data, authoritative research and expert discussions, Tencent is a car networking company TINNOVE. With its outstanding technical products and intelligent assistance for industry upgrades, it won the 2021 outstanding car intelligent network service provider Jackpot.

As a representative of Tencent’s technological innovation in the field of Internet of Vehicles, TINNOVE has a very clear brand positioning from the beginning: a truly open platform that serves the entire automotive industry. In order to turn this vision into reality, Wutong Autolink is committed to integrating the latest car networking technology and industry cutting-edge technology, proactively discovering the needs of users, and providing users with consistent and personalized functions and services, thereby enhancing the relationship between people and cars. connect. TINNOVE Wutong Auto Union can currently output comprehensive products and services such as the overall design of the intelligent cockpit, the intelligent networked vehicle operating system, customized voice and artificial intelligence components, big data platform and analysis system, personalized application and operation.

With the deepening of the integration of artificial intelligence technology and the industry, artificial intelligence technology is continuously increasing in assisting technological innovations such as scientific research and development, manufacturing industry, etc., and the role of artificial intelligence is gradually emerging in the larger scope of production, urban development, and life. In many aspects, such as chip automation design, manufacturing intelligence, industrial optimization, etc., artificial intelligence can be seen to play a very good role.

In terms of artificial intelligence, Wutong Autolink’s high computing power solution creates high-precision lane-level map navigation, true full-duplex voice for two-way real-time communication, dual FaceID with intelligent pattern recognition + intelligent switching of themes, and access to mainstream device platforms. IOT interconnection and other functions present a sci-fi futuristic intelligent travel experience.

Relying on deep technical accumulation and solid scientific research strength, TINNOVE Wutong Auto Union also provides scene-based services based on the car environment. Since its establishment, it has been actively promoting the acceleration of intelligent networked vehicles. Based on open system solutions, TINNOVE currently focuses on the integration of the cockpit domain and the autonomous driving domain, and relies on powerful algorithm technology to provide safe + efficient travel solutions.

From the intelligent integrated car driving space to the interconnected urban smart transportation, the ever-increasing travel demand promotes the emergence of new products and services. This vertical track contains vast opportunities. With leading, mature and flexible solutions, Wutong Auto Union helps partners to directly build competitive advantages in the “smart car” era more quickly and conveniently, and is committed to providing efficient and intelligent tools to the entire industry to help the industry achieve digitalization faster Transformation. At the same time, we will continue to uphold the original intention of openness and service, and work with more industry partners to empower the digital upgrade of the industry and jointly witness the prosperous future of smart travel.

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