What Is Precision casting materials

The metal materials of precision casting companies mainly come from purchased materials, waste castings of the company, and pouring risers. The purchased metal materials are often in bulk, rarely pressed into a cylindrical shape, and materials of different materials are easy to mix together, such as 316 materials mixed with 304 or 430 materials.

Therefore, precision casting companies should choose to purchase materials that are pressed into a cylindrical shape as much as possible. The chemical composition of each batch of purchased materials is analyzed with a spectrum analyzer. If possible, the supplier should conduct on-site inspections to evaluate whether the materials are labeled, protected, and stored in isolation.

The scrap steel (waste castings, pouring risers) of this enterprise shall be treated with rust removal, degreasing, sand removal and cleaning and drying, and the S and P components shall be controlled. In addition, scrap steel of different materials should be marked, protected, and stored separately, and should not be confused.

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