Vishay launched the new 200V N-channel MOSFET with RDS(ON) on-resistance reaching the lowest level in the industry, increasing system power density and saving energy

Pennsylvania, MALVERN — September 23, 2020 — A few days ago, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE stock code: VSH) announced the launch of a new 200V n-channel MOSFET—SiSS94DN, which uses a thermally enhanced 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm PowerPAK® 1212 -8S package, typical on-resistance at 10 V reaches 61 mΩ, the lowest in the industry. At the same time, the improved product of on-resistance and gate charge, which is an important factor of merit (FOM) for MOSFET switching applications, is 854 mΩ*nC. The space-saving Vishay Siliconix SiSS94DN is specifically used to increase power density, and the footprint is 65% less than that of a device with a similar on-resistance in a 6mm x 5mm package.

The typical on-resistance of the fourth-generation TrenchFET® power MOSFET released a few days ago is 20% lower than the second-ranked product on the market, and the FOM is 17% lower than the previous-generation solution. These indicators reduce conduction and switching losses, thereby saving energy. The compact and flexible device is convenient for designers to replace the MOSFET with the same conduction loss but large volume, saving PCB space, or the MOSFET with similar size but high conduction loss.

SiSS94DN is suitable for isolated DC/DC topology primary switching and synchronous rectification, including communication equipment, computer peripherals, consumer electronics; notebook computers, LED TVs, LED backlights for vehicles and ships; and motor drive control for GPS, factory automation and industrial applications , Load switching and power conversion.

The device is 100% RG and UIS tested, RoHS compliant and halogen-free.

SiSS94DN can now provide samples and has achieved mass production, with a lead time of 12 weeks.

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