Toyota launched a concept model e-Chargeair that can charge other electric models

The anxiety about the range of electric vehicles is a common problem for all car owners, because the current charging facilities and supporting construction are not perfect, and the charging time is not short. Therefore, electric vehicle owners cannot enjoy the convenience of refueling fuel vehicles at any time, and the convenience of running around the country. The experience of electric vehicle owners is slightly weaker than that of fuel vehicles.

In order to solve the needs and pain points of short battery life and difficult charging of electric car owners, Toyota has currently launched a concept model e-Chargeair. e-Chargeair can charge other electric vehicles, which is equivalent to a large mobile charging treasure, and is usually towed behind the vehicle, and it is like a “nanny car”.


It is reported that e-Chargeair uses a non-contact charging method, through a special electromagnetic induction method, can realize wireless charging for the vehicle. When driving, being towed behind the vehicle, it can also realize the scene of charging while driving, which can greatly shorten the charging time of electric vehicles and minimize the impact on travel time.

In addition, e-Chargeair can also supply power for homes. Through its own AC inverter, it can output AC power that meets the needs of various home appliances. At the same time, it is also equipped with a number of special features, such as air purifier and WIFI.

According to Toyota, e-Chargeair uses Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell technology, which can be supplemented with special charging piles during standby. However, Toyota did not further disclose its specific battery life and battery capacity. Further performance parameters will not be announced until the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in the United States.

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