Today, unlike the past, PD20W fast charging switching power supply chips are scarce, UnionPay U6620S is arranged

U6620S switching power supply chip is a high-performance current mode PWM off-line flyback converter power switching application. U6620S switching power supply chip has a high-precision 65kHz switching frequency oscillator inside, and has a frequency jitter function to optimize EMI performance. The chip adopts green energy-saving mode and hiccup mode to work, which can guarantee a standby power consumption of less than 75mW.

U6620S integrates complete protection functions, including: VDD under-voltage protection (UVLO), VDD over-voltage protection (OVP), cycle-by-cycle current limit, short-circuit protection (SCP), overload protection (OLP), over-temperature protection, soft start, VDD Clamping and CS pin open circuit protection, etc.

Features of U6620S switching power supply chip:

Primary side constant current technology that can support discontinuous mode and continuous mode

±5% constant current accuracy; ±1% constant voltage accuracy

Standby power consumption<75mW

Fixed 65KHz switching frequency

Green power saving mode and hiccup mode work

Ultra-low starting and working current

Integrated frequency jittering function to optimize EMI

Current mode control with integrated internal slope compensation

Constant current technology with integrated line voltage and inductance compensation

Integrated self-healing mode protection function

The pin position analysis of U6620S switching power supply chip:

Pin 1 is the VDD IC power supply pin. Pin 2 is the ground of GND IC. Pin 3 is the FB feedback pin. Loop regulation is achieved by connecting an optocoupler to this pin. The PWM duty cycle is determined by the pin voltage and the current detection signal on pin 4. 4 CS current detection input pin. Pins 5, 6, 7, and 8 are the drains of Darin power MOSFET.

The recommended output power of U6620S switching power supply chip is 20W. U6620S switching power supply chip application: charger and adapter, motor drive power supply.

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