To compete with Apple, Intel contacted TSMC to book 3nm production capacity in advance?

Recently, according to foreign media DigiTimes, Intel will send high-level executives to TSMC headquarters in mid-December to discuss the issue of 3nm chip production capacity.

TSMC recently began trial production of 3nm process technology chips, which will eventually be used in Mac computers released by Apple in 2023. Apple currently uses 5nm in the latest chip manufacturing process for its various series of products. In the future, the iPhone 14 series of chips may use TSMC’s 4nm manufacturing process.

According to DigiTimes, Intel is trying to establish a clear partnership with TSMC before Apple updates to 3nm chips, in order to strive for more available 3nm process capacity from TSMC and avoid future competition with Apple for capacity.

In the period when the global core shortage was the most serious some time ago, TSMC postponed the chip orders of many customers around the world, but said it would give priority to meeting the production orders of Apple and some automakers.

However, TSMC and Apple have been cooperating for many years, and Apple has also invested in multiple chip production lines of TSMC. Compared with Intel, Apple has a more stable order volume. Intel’s final production capacity may not be too much.

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