TI’s new high-precision battery monitor and balancer can improve the performance of wired and wireless battery management systems

tify;”> Beijing, January 8, 2021-Texas Instruments (TI) today introduced a new car battery monitor and balancer that can accurately report voltage measurements in systems up to 800 V. In addition, BQ79616-Q1 simplifies the compliance procedures for the safety integrity level ASIL D of hybrid electric (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). For more information, please visit www.ti.com/BQ79616-Q1-pr -cn.

The main design challenge faced by car manufacturers is how to filter system-level noise to accurately measure battery voltage and temperature, and accurately report this information to the microcontroller (MCU). BQ79616-Q1 can meet these two challenges, help engineers achieve the goal of battery safety, and to a greater extent in the wired and wireless battery management system to increase the car mileage after each charge.

The BQ79616-Q1 battery monitor and balancer is the industry’s first device with a patented fault wake-up function. When used in conjunction with the BQ79600-Q1 SPI/UART communication interface, it can completely shut down the system when the vehicle is parked or stalled. This helps design engineers save battery power, improve battery balancing performance, and meet safety requirements. For more information about TI’s wake-up function from failure, please read the technical article “Save HEV/EV battery power through automatic host reverse wake-up.”

Use high-precision battery monitors and balancers to increase mileage to a greater extent

BQ79616-Q1 is the first product in TI’s new generation battery monitor and balancer product series, which can support high-precision monitoring of batteries with various chemical substances including lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). This enables automakers to more accurately measure the state of charge and health of the battery, thereby reducing costs. The integrated digital low-pass filter and high-precision analog-to-digital converter of BQ79616-Q1 can optimize the signal measurement accuracy and achieve battery voltage measurement with an error of less than 2 mV.

Simplify ASIL D certification with TI’s fastest diagnostic procedure

TI’s new monitors and balancers meet the component-level requirements of ISO 26262 and support voltage measurement, temperature measurement and communication that meet ASIL D compliance requirements, thereby greatly saving bill of materials (BOM) and software overhead. BQ79616-Q1 has TI’s fastest battery fault diagnosis time (100ms in a 400V system), which can achieve higher system reliability and battery safety.

Improve system reliability through robust communication and advanced thermal management functions

BQ79616-Q1 has strong electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and can withstand the harsh and noisy environment faced by hybrid and electric vehicles without affecting the reliability of daisy chain communication. In addition, the pin rating of the device allows it to withstand high-voltage transients and hot-swap operations, and it integrates automatic battery balancing to simplify thermal management. To learn more about improving system reliability through advanced thermal management, please read the technical article: “Improving the thermal management of electric vehicles through autonomous battery balancing.”

Adjust battery design to reduce costs and shorten time to market

TI’s new monitor and balancer series provide multiple channel options in the same package, providing pin-to-pin compatibility and 100% reuse of existing software. In addition, BQ79616-Q1 integrates the busbar measurement function, enabling engineers to make the most of the channel in the combination of battery modules of various sizes. By combining BQ79616-Q1 with BQ79600-Q1, engineers can design a battery management system with only one communication interface in a closed-loop configuration to further reduce the number of components.

Package and availability

The 16-channel BQ79616-Q1 chip in a 10mm x 10mm, 64-pin thermally enhanced thin quad flat package (HTQFP) is now available for bulk purchase on TI.com.cn. The BQ79616-Q1EVM evaluation module is also available for purchase on TI.com.cn. BQ79600-Q1 in 16-pin thin shrink small package (TSSOP) can also be purchased in bulk from TI.com.cn. You can find a variety of payment and shipping options on TI.com.cn. The new 12-channel and 14-channel battery monitors and balancers are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2021.

About Texas Instruments (TI)

Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) is a global semiconductor company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, testing and selling analog and embedded processing chips for industrial, automotive, personal Electronic products, and communications Markets such as equipment and enterprise systems. We are committed to making electronic products more economical and practical through semiconductor technology and creating a better world. Today, each generation of innovation is built on the foundation of the previous generation, making our technology smaller, faster, more reliable, and more affordable, so as to realize the wide application of semiconductors in the field of electronic products. This is the progress of engineering. . This is exactly what we have been doing for decades and even now. For more information, please visit the company’s website www.ti.com.cn.


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