TI LMG341xR050 GaN power stage launches on Mouser to support high-density power conversion design

April 13, 2020-Focus on the introduction of new products and provide mass inventory of Electronic components distributor Mouser Electronics (Mouser Electronics) will begin stocking Texas Instruments (TI) LMG341xR050 gallium nitride (GaN) power stage from now on. This 600V, 500 mΩ device has an integrated gate driver and powerful protection functions, allowing designers to achieve higher efficiency in power conversion systems, suitable for high-density industrial and consumer power supplies, high-voltage battery chargers, photovoltaics Applications such as inverters and multilevel converters.

Compared with silicon MOSFETs, the TI LMG341xR050 GaN power stage stocked by Mouser Electronics has many advantages, including ultra-low input and output capacitance, low switching node ringing that can reduce EMI, and switching losses that can be reduced by up to 80%. Zero reverse recovery. The integrated gate driver of this device supports 100 V/ns switching, achieving almost zero VDs ringing, and its fine-tuning gate bias voltage can ensure reliable switching by compensating for threshold changes. This power stage integrates a series of unique features, such as dense and efficient topologies such as totem pole power factor correction (PFC) structure, allowing designers to optimize power supply performance and improve reliability.

The LMG341xR050 GaN power stage has powerful protection functions. It does not require external protection components to provide overheating protection, transient voltage immunity, and all power rails have undervoltage lockout (UVLO) protection. In addition, LMG341xR050 can also provide overcurrent protection with a response time of less than 100 ns and slew rate immunity of more than 150 V/ns.

For more details, please visit: https://www.mouser.cn/new/texas-instruments/ti-lmg341xr050-gan-power-stage/.

As a TI authorized distributor, Mouser Electronics provides diversified Texas Instruments semiconductor solutions and will introduce new products every day. Mouser Electronics has always been committed to quickly introducing new products and technologies, helping customers design advanced products, and enabling customers’ products to go to the market faster. More than 800 semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers use Mouser to bring their products to the global market. Mouser only provides customers with fully certified original products and provides a full range of manufacturer traceability.

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