The U.S.’s “net-net” action against China has been escalated, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded: it is ridiculous

The TikTok turmoil has not yet subsided, but the “net-net” action against China has escalated again.

On August 5, US Secretary of State Pompeo announced that it would expand the scope of the “Clean Network” (“Clean Network” operation) announced at the end of April, adding five new “Clean Network” measures against China, and naming domestic Huawei and China 7 Chinese technology companies including China Mobile, Baidu and Alibaba.

The upgraded “Net Net” operation is based on the “5G Net Net” operation released at the end of April this year. Pompeo stated that he will work to eliminate so-called “untrusted” Chinese applications such as TikTok and WeChat from the US digital network. program.

Five “cleaning” actions and China’s “tearing face”

Among them, you can see the five new measures from the official website of the US State Department:

“Clean” operator

To ensure that untrusted Chinese operators do not connect to the U.S. telecommunications network, such companies pose a threat to U.S. national security and should not provide international telecommunications services to and from the U.S.

“Clean” shop

Remove untrusted apps from the US mobile app store. Chinese apps threaten our privacy and spread viruses, propaganda and false information. Protect America’s most sensitive personal and business information from exploitation and theft.

“Clean” app

Prevent Huawei and other Chinese mobile phone manufacturers from pre-installing (or downloading by other means) American Trusted Software in the app store. American companies should delete their apps from Huawei’s app store to ensure that they do not cooperate with “human rights violators”.

“Clean” cloud services

Prevent the storage and processing of sensitive personal information of American citizens and the company’s most valuable intellectual property (including COVID-19 vaccine research) on the cloud system to prevent it from being stolen by foreign competitors, such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other technology companies.

“Clean” the cable

Efforts will be made to ensure that the information transmitted by the submarine cables connected to the global Internet will not be destroyed or leaked. The United States will work with other countries to ensure that submarine cables around the world are not subject to similar intrusions.

In short, the actions taken by the United States towards China are nothing more than the following five “prohibitions”:

1. Prohibit Chinese communications companies from operating in the United States;

2. Chinese apps are banned in the United States;

3. It is forbidden to pre-install American apps on Chinese mobile phones;

4. Chinese companies are prohibited from providing cloud services;

5. Chinese companies are prohibited from bidding for submarine cables.

“The Heart of Sima Zhao” is hidden under the guise of “national security”

At the beginning of this year, the United States has made frequent actions against China, but always under the guise of “national security.” Take the ban on TikTok as an example. Trump on Monday ordered the negotiation of TikTok to be completed before September 15, otherwise he will drive TikTok out of the US market on September 15.

In other words, either sell it to the United States or don’t use it in the United States. This wave of operations seems to have a rogue meaning of “strong buying and strong selling”. In addition, in the name of “national security”, the truth of “national security” is not available. Just like that, Trump’s “Sima Zhao’s heart is known to passers-by.”

In response to this, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded on the 6th that the United States itself is covered in smudges and talks about “cleaning the Internet”, which is ridiculous.

“I want to emphasize that many Chinese companies currently unilaterally sanctioned by the United States are innocent, and their technology and products are also safe. There has never been a network similar to the “Snowden Incident” and “WikiLeaks”. There has also not been a security incident similar to the “Prism Gate”, “Formula Organization”, “Echelon System” network monitoring behavior. The United States itself is covered in smudges, but talking about “cleaning the network” is completely absurd.”

These actions by the United States have also attracted some complaints from netizens:

It’s like a laundry detergent advertisement, with six major effects

Some netizens also said that cyber wars and trade wars will ultimately only lead to loss of both sides. Indeed, what are the benefits of breaking the situation of win-win cooperation under the guise of “national security”?


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