The solution for the monitoring system of the TSC industrial Ethernet switch for wind power plants

Project Introduction

As a kind of clean renewable energy, wind energy has been paid more and more attention by countries all over the world. Its reserves are huge. The global wind energy is about 2.74×109MW, of which the available wind energy is 2×107MW, which is 10 times larger than the total amount of hydropower that can be developed and utilized on the earth. China’s wind energy reserves are large and widely distributed, with only about 253 million kilowatts of wind energy reserves on land. With the development of the global economy, the wind energy market has also developed rapidly. In the past five years, the world wind energy market has grown at a rate of 40% every year. It is estimated that in the next 20-25 years, the world wind energy market will increase by 25% every year. Now, the cost of wind power generation has fallen to one-fifth of what it was in 1980. With the advancement of technology and the development of environmental protection, wind power generation will be commercially competitive with coal-fired power generation.

1. Program overview

This design plan is based on the requirements of the wind power plant monitoring system, according to the geographical location, low temperature impact, and the system must have real-time collection functions for the network topology, scalability, high reliability, high bandwidth, and high quality The characteristics of the network signal transmission and redundancy backup, combined with the actual situation of the network, decided to build an industrial-grade optical fiber network.

2. Scheme design

The equipment in the network structure of the monitoring system adopts the excellent communication TSC Carat5008fc2 industrial Ethernet switch to form a ring-type redundant network, and then connects the industrial automation equipment and monitoring equipment in each plant on the field level.

The topology schematic diagram is as follows:

The solution for the monitoring system of the TSC industrial Ethernet switch for wind power plants

three: The TSC Carat5008fc2 series products of Excellence Communication have reliable structural design. They completely adopt a closed metal pleated heat dissipation structure, support industrial DIN-Rail rails and wall-mounted installations, and have good high temperature resistance, dust resistance, anti-interference and other characteristics Therefore, it can work well in harsh working environments such as wind power plants.

Four: product features

Carat50 series industrial Ethernet switches can provide full wire-speed non-blocking 100M forwarding, building a “Supreme-Ring” ring network. Carat5008FC2 has 6 10/100M twisted-pair ports (RJ45) for connecting terminal equipment or network segments, and 2 backbone ports (optical fibers) for forming the backbone “Supreme-Ring” connection, which can provide redundancy for industrial field control equipment. For the remaining connections, the failure of any section of the backbone communication channel will be detected within 300ms, and the redundant link will be activated to transmit data, allowing your automation system to maintain normal operation. Carat50 series industrial Ethernet switches adopt the store-and-forward switching method, which can learn up to 8000 addresses, and each port can be connected to multiple independent physical network segments. It is fully compatible with the IEEE802.3 standard, which reduces compatibility problems when connecting with other Ethernet-supporting devices and Carat50 series.

The industrially designed redundant dual DC power supply (18V-36V) input can effectively guarantee and reduce the failure recovery time. In the event of a power failure, a relay alarm output is provided to facilitate the technicians to quickly respond to the failure. The Carat50 series industrial Ethernet switch has a high-strength metal fold structure shell, which can shield electromagnetic interference, and is resistant to vibration and impact. At the same time, it is a radiator, which avoids the dust caused by the use of the fan, and reduces the point of failure caused by the fan stopping. . IP30 protection grade, -10℃~+70℃ wide operating temperature, to ensure that the product works well in harsh industrial scenes.

Carat50 series industrial Ethernet switches can be installed on rails, wall-mounted, and any plane. A solid and reliable “Supreme-Ring” ring network can be constructed by simply setting the buttons on the front panel.

The solution for the monitoring system of the TSC industrial Ethernet switch for wind power plants

Main features

• Comply with IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3u/IEEE802.3x
• 6 10/100M twisted pair ports (RJ45) + 2 100M optical fiber ring network ports (SC)
• Port adaptive 10/100Base-TX, adaptive full/half duplex, adaptive MDI/MDIX connection
• Support Supreme-Ring protocol, support Dual Homing
• Support ring redundant network structure, can expand the number of ring network equipment 55
• Double contact confirmation ring network switch design
• Redundant dual DC power input (18-36VDC) (optional)
• The closed design meets the needs of dustproof, and the pleated structure dissipates heat, which has good dustproof and heat dissipation performance
• Support industrial DIN-Rail rail and wall-mounted installation
• Working temperature range -10℃~+70℃, working humidity range 5%~95% (non-condensing)

technical parameter

Hardware specification:

The solution for the monitoring system of the TSC industrial Ethernet switch for wind power plants

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