The mobile robot market breaks out, “Youaizhihe” consolidates the advantage of the moat to occupy the market

Before 2018, China’s robotics industry experienced its first growth boom: AI entered people’s vision, robot parks were built in various places, and robotics companies were supported… This year, the second wave of boom was ushered in-the robotics industry once again attracted major manufacturers and capital. . Logistics companies such as SF Express and, auto companies, mobile phone companies, and Internet giants such as Tencent, Meituan, and ByteDance have all entered the game.

Compared with the past, the current growth boom is carried out in the post-epidemic era and the accelerated pace of an aging society. Issues such as no contact and an aging population have made manufacturers aware of the importance of automation solutions. Secondly, the current manufacturing industry chain is more complete, and the technical level of related fields in the upper, middle and lower reaches is improving. Robots are a key element for the development of flexible, automated, and intelligent manufacturing.

From the perspective of subdivisions, industrial robots are still the most popular track. According to the “China Robot Industry Development Report (2021)”, my country’s robot market will reach 83.9 billion yuan in 2021. Among them, industrial robots are 44.57 billion yuan, service robots are 30.26 billion yuan, and special robots are 9.07 billion yuan.

The key to the intelligent development of the manufacturing industry empowers the rapid development of autonomous mobile robots

The current wide application of industrial robot technology is unquestionable. Among them, the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) market, which empowers manufacturing enterprises’ production processes, warehousing and logistics, and other important links, has entered an explosive period. In the first three quarters of this year, 30 financing incidents occurred in the mobile robot industry, most of which amounted to more than 100 million yuan. After a few years of hard work, the initial start-ups have gradually grown into the head of the industry by virtue of the momentum of late development, and have grown strongly under the favor of capital.

Zhang Chaohui, the founder of “Youai Zhihe”, said that the company has been deeply involved in the two areas of “industrial logistics” and “patrol inspection, operation and maintenance”. In terms of market share, “Youai Zhihe” has been deeply involved in the industrial logistics field, focusing on the segmentation of the semiconductor industry, accumulating a lot of industry experience, and gaining obvious market advantages. In addition, in the field of inspection, operation and maintenance, focusing on power plants in the energy industry, grasping the market’s first move, also occupied a leading position in the market.

“Youai Zhihe” Product Matrix

Compared with the past techniques of polishing technology, deep ploughing scenes, and upgrading products, “Youai Zhihe” has gradually exerted its efforts on the client side, and has begun to implement “two lines in parallel”: “industry lines” mainly focus on the semiconductor and energy industries. The “regional line” is deployed in the three major sectors of South China, East China, and Western China, as well as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The two lines parallel and accurately match the latest needs of customers in different regions for automation transformation. In addition, the company has established a professional strategy department in human resources to take the initiative to empower “Made in China”.

Polishing technology, deep plowing and subdividing the scene, specializing in the track to gain a firm foothold

The mobile robot market is developing rapidly, and the scene requirements of applicable industries present different characteristics. The already applied industry scenes also have different requirements under the production requirements of different companies. On the whole, mobile robots bring efficiency improvements to the industry, which also means specific future There are many fields that can be subdivided, and market competition has intensified.

At the moment, along with the boom in the robotics industry, robotics companies are also undergoing a new round of reshuffle. Thinking about how to consolidate the advantage of the track and hold the main market share tightly in hand, it is also necessary to focus on the new situation.

Zhang Chaohui combined the company’s development experience and the interpretation of the current situation to sum up three key points: specialization scenarios, combination of software and hardware, and technical barriers.

The first is to make the scene deep and thorough. Do a good job in the industry with your own advantages, continue to accumulate industry knowledge, and be the “company that knows the most about robots at the industry scene” and also the “company that knows the most about the industry at the robot supply side.” Facing the semiconductor field, Youaizhihe introduced a team of senior industry experts to sink to the customer site, listen to customer demands, continuously polish products, and create a logistics automation solution for the entire industry chain from wafer manufacturing, chip packaging and testing to packaging links; In the field, Youaizhihe intelligent inspection solution covers all-scenario applications such as coal conveying corridors, factory inspections, substations and smart warehouses, and is the most comprehensive mobile robot manufacturer in the scene.

The second is to make supporting software to meet the needs of the industry while doing the hardware well. Taking industrial logistics as an example, the Youaizhihe TMS intra-site logistics management and control system can connect the equipment and processes required in the customer scenario, open up the entire material flow and data flow, and form the material flow from the “raw material warehouse-line” The complete closed loop of “side warehouse-production line-finished product warehouse” realizes stable, continuous and efficient production in the factory.

The third is to improve the accuracy and stability of the algorithm. Robotic technology is the foundation of the industry. When it comes to technological breakthroughs, companies must sink their hearts to continue research and development, and deliver every project with high quality and efficiency. Relying on the profound scientific research background of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Youaizhihe has strong technical advantages in mobile robot positioning and navigation algorithms. It is one of the few manufacturers in the industry to achieve positioning accuracy of ±2mm, and it has extremely high stability.

Take root in the industry with lean management, pull through the industry chain with standardized products

The competition barriers of robot companies can no longer rely solely on key technologies, and they need to be re-established along the product matrix, application scenarios and industrial chain ecology.

Based on advanced technology, creating high-quality products, taking root in every subdivision of production scenarios, forming the ability to scale and landing in continuous application, reducing costs and increasing efficiency to feed back technological progress. Product iteration is the long-term development idea of ​​”Youai Zhihe” .

In terms of the application of robots, the first step is to deepen industry awareness and meet customers’ pain points. In the early stage of development, “Youai Zhihe” selected the semiconductor and energy industries with the highest application barriers. The requirements of these industries have greatly improved the company’s product development and planning solutions capabilities, so as to adapt to the market development speed and scale. Lay a solid foundation for the development of industrialization and standardization.

The improvement of product standardization and large-scale landing capabilities is the only way for the development and growth of robot companies, which mainly includes two major means of “standardized delivery” and “standardized implementation”.

“Youai Zhihe” is dismantled from the upper layers of the process. First, internal management unifies the process automation and standardization requirements of sales, supply, and implementation; second, in terms of customer service, set up “nearby service” to follow up the entire process service, and build a new “engineering service department” to ensure after-sales and create standardized services Closed loop; Finally, in the implementation phase, based on the summary of the implementation of the project, empower the creation of standardized products.

This year, the fluctuation of upstream components in the robotics industry has a direct impact on robotics companies. Improving the ability of supply chain control and product quality control is an inevitable problem for business expansion.

“Youai Zhihe” breaks the logic of robot companies using machines to replace people, and is committed to integrating robot products into customers’ overall production systems.

In terms of product quality, a quality team has been set up to control from the production of incoming materials to the overall finished product. In terms of supply chain control, it enlarges the industry’s first-mover advantage and empowers the downstream. At the same time, it establishes an emergency team to strategically coordinate the upstream supply chain. manage.

With the wave of industrial upgrading, the robotics industry has ushered in new opportunities for rapid development. However, there is still a long way to go before robotics technology is applied to various industrial scenarios. The market prospects are broad, and each segmented scene or track has also become a battleground for robot companies to occupy market share.

“Youai Zhihe” will focus on its own advantages in the future, deepen the scenes, play methods, algorithms and scale implementation, make the rising and developing fine manufacturing scene more professional, and continue to push this set of logic and models to New scene.

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