The key to power supply technology innovation, Mouser, TI and Littelfuse, will talk to your celebrities

November 23, 2020-Electronic component distribution focused on introducing new products to promote industry innovation Mouser Electronics announced that the second phase of the “Mouser Talks with Your Big Coffee” series of live broadcasts will be held on December 5 at 2 pm :00-5:00 officially launched. The theme of this issue will focus on power system technology. Mouser will work with TI and Littelfuse’s heavyweight guest and industry senior expert Mr. Rao Qian to discuss optimizing power supply design and perfect safe, reliable and efficient power system solutions. “Mouzer Talks with Your Big Coffee” is a new series of technical interviews on Mouser in 2020, focusing on the latest industry developments. Each issue invites well-known original manufacturers and industry technical experts to interpret the latest online in the form of roundtable discussions. Application trends and innovative solutions.

In today’s society, the renewal of electronic products and system optimization and upgrading have put forward higher requirements for basic hardware support. Power supply design, as the basis for ensuring the efficient operation of the control system, greatly affects the performance and cost of the entire system. The emergence of wide-bandgap semiconductor technology represented by SiC (silicon carbide) and GaN (gallium nitride) has greatly promoted the development of the power supply industry, making the power supply technology toward high power density, high efficiency, and small size. Go further. For power supply design engineers, R&D personnel, and component manufacturers, how to choose a safe, reliable, and efficient power supply solution, break through the power density barriers, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs is the main problem currently facing. This issue of “Mouse and You Big Coffee” will focus on the power system design challenges and application status of power systems in the fields of EV, industry, communications, etc., based on the overall product and target market strategy of power applications, based on Littelfuse and TI of power systems Star products and related applications, core industry applications and overall solutions are developed to help engineers improve their design and innovation levels.

Ms. Tian Jiping, Vice President of Market and Business Development of Mouser Electronics Asia Pacific, said: “Currently, the continuous upgrading of semiconductor process technology and the diversification of market demand coexist, and the complexity and challenge of power system design are also increasing. TI and Littelfuse They are all experienced companies in the power supply field. TI is the industry leader in the power management chip field. It has in-depth research in the GaN field. Littelfuse is unique in power supply control and circuit protection. Their experience and insights are an important reference for engineers. Value. In this live broadcast of “Mouzer Talks with You Big Coffee”, both companies will bring star products and share core technical solutions, allowing engineers to have a deeper understanding of third-generation power device semiconductors and cutting-edge circuit protection technologies The understanding and knowledge of the company laid the foundation for optimization, innovation and breakthroughs in the power supply field.”

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