The first in the country! Huawei Dongguan factory realizes “5G indoor positioning”

Because satellite signals cannot penetrate buildings, indoor positioning requires other technologies to assist positioning. Traditional indoor positioning technology is constrained by factors such as coverage, accuracy, energy consumption, and cost, and appears to be “powerless”.

3G and 4G networks are mainly passive systems, so they do not have indoor positioning capabilities. On the one hand, the advantage of 5G network lies in its larger bandwidth and sub-carrier spacing, which improves the accuracy of 5G indoor positioning (positioning accuracy in the 3.5GHz frequency band is about 5 meters, and millimeter wave positioning accuracy can reach 3 meters or higher).

A few days ago, the country’s first 5G indoor positioning trial commercial project successfully landed at Huawei’s Tuanbowa plant.

Based on the “5G indoor positioning technology”, it can simultaneously meet the needs of 5G communication + precise positioning, and realize the dual use of one network. In the Dongguan Huawei Tuanbowa plant, 90% of the positioning results achieved precise positioning within a range of 1-3 meters, which will promote the improvement of plant logistics efficiency.

It is reported that Huawei Tuanbowa 5G indoor positioning is a 4.9GHz band 5G network deployment by China Mobile Guangdong and Huawei. The integrated positioning platform is provided by China Mobile Shanghai Industrial Research Institute. It is the first commercial trial project to achieve accurate indoor positioning.

This project won the bronze medal in the national finals of the 4th “Blooming Cup” 5G Application Contest Benchmarking Competition.

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