The cause of the Renesas fire was initially ascertained! President Renesas: It will take one month to resume production, which may have a very large impact on the supply chain!

Japanese car chip manufacturer Renesas (Renesas) has a fire at its plant in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Renesas issued a statement on the 21st that the cause of the fire in the initial investigation plant was caused by the excessive current in the electroplating tank, but the details The reason is still under investigation.

Renesas pointed out in the statement that the fire broke out at the Ibaraki plant at 2:47 am (Japan time) on March 19, and the location of the fire was in the N3 building within the plant. Although it was quickly extinguished, Renesas has decided The 12-inch line is temporarily suspended, and there is currently no plan to resume production.

After investigating, the local police officers initially believed that the cause of the fire was that the electroplating equipment on the first floor of the N3 building caught fire due to excessive current, because the heat resistance of the equipment shell and the electroplating tank is relatively low. Crisis of fire. It’s just that the reason for the excessive current has not been determined yet.

After the fire, the pure water supply device, air-conditioning device, and electroplating tank in the factory were damaged. The fire area was about 600 square meters, and the factory area on the first floor was about 12,000 square meters. The fire affected about 5% of the area; The loss of internal machines is about 11, accounting for 2% of the 12-inch machines. The loss on the production line is still being confirmed, and it is estimated that it will take a week.

Regarding the expected restoration progress of the factory, Renesas pointed out that the N2 (8-inch factory) is in normal operation, and the N3 (12-inch factory) is currently in production. At this stage, the priority is to clean the clean room and move in new machines. The goal is one month. Resumption of work, although the second floor is not damaged, but because the same system as the first floor is operating, production has to be shut down.

Renesas Electronics Corporation President Shibata Yingli said today that a fire broke out in an important plant of the company, which may have a very large impact on the supply chain. The company will do its best to restore production to the affected plant within one month. According to reports, the Naka factory is an important factory for the production of automotive semiconductors under Renesas. The 300-mm wafer production line for cutting-edge products was affected this time.


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