The 3 most successful sub-brands created by domestically produced machines: Redmi, Honor, and Realme

For a long time, the smartphone market has been fiercely competitive. In order to sell more mobile phones, domestically produced phones targeted different segments of the population. Later, each larger manufacturer started its own sub-brand.

For example, Huawei has Honor, Xiaomi has Redmi, ZTE has Nubia, VIVO has iQOO, OPPO has realme, Meizu has Meizu…

So in retrospect, which of these sub-brands are the most successful? Looking carefully, there are actually only three that are quite successful, that is, the glory founded by Huawei, the red rice founded by Xiaomi, and the realme founded by OPPO.

Let’s talk about glory first. At the beginning, Huawei founded Honor to see Xiaomi’s main Internet model and its cost-effective strategy is very good. Huawei’s main high-end business is indeed inferior to Xiaomi in terms of cost-effectiveness, so it launched a Honor to fight against Xiaomi.

Unexpectedly, because of cost-effective reasons, after all, the Huawei brand is indeed expensive, so Honor has been a great success, and even surpassed Xiaomi in domestic sales.

Let’s talk about the sub-brand of Redmi. In fact, Xiaomi was originally a mid-range brand with a high cost performance. Later, Xiaomi felt that it should create a lower brand and focus on the 1000 yuan machine. So it launched a Redmi, which is better than Xiaomi. Lower.

Later, in 2020, when Xiaomi moves to the high-end, Redmi becomes more important. At present, Redmi has supported more than half of Xiaomi’s sales. Especially in a market like India, Redmi’s sales are much higher than Xiaomi’s, which can be considered quite similar. A successful sub-brand.

Let’s talk about the realme brand. We know that OPPO has always been not cost-effective. So not only was it complained, but sometimes it also lost a lot of the market. It’s obviously inappropriate to let OPPO launch cost-effective models. Gone.

So OPPO created a realme, which was originally developed abroad, focusing on the Indian market. Who knew that this realme was developed to be equivalent, so it also returned to the Chinese market.

Realme is currently ranked 4th in India, and the European ranking increased by 160% this season, ranking fifth. In the Chinese market, realme grew by 682% and ranked seventh.

It can be seen that whether it is iQOO, or OnePlus, Nubia, Meilan and other small brands created by these big brands, there is really no comparison with the three sub-brands of Redmi, Honor, and Realme. I can only say the original decision. Quite right, the goal should be achieved.

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