Tencent, Baidu and other companies actively promote my country’s smart transportation construction

On the afternoon of December 9, 2021, in order to actively respond to the requirements of “new infrastructure, digital economy, digital society, digital government, and digital ecological development” mentioned in the national “14th Five-Year Plan”, to achieve complementary and common development of their respective advantages and resources In the business market, under the consensus of “integrity cooperation, mutual benefit, complementary advantages, and common development”, Shanghai CCCC Hyde Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Shanghai CCCC Hyde”) and Sichuan Sanrui Wisdom Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as The strategic cooperation signed by “Sichuan Sanrui Wisdom”) officially landed in Chengdu, Sichuan. Chairman and General Manager Zhao Bin of Shanghai CCCC Hyde, Chief Engineer Xu Tiecheng, Deputy General Manager Wang Yi, Chairman of Sichuan Sanrui Wisdom Tong Jun, General Manager Yuan Cong, R&D Manager Yang Xin and other leaders and related personnel attended the on-site strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

It is understood that Sichuan Sanrui Wisdom is a fast-growing technology enterprise that has transformed from traditional infrastructure to “new infrastructure” and is deeply engaged in cutting-edge high-tech such as Internet of Things, big data, and AI. In this regard, it has accumulated a large number of core advantages.

Tong Jun, chairman of Sichuan Sanrui Wisdom, said that the strategic cooperation between Sichuan Sanrui Wisdom and Shanghai CCCC Hyde will be in the development of new infrastructure and roadside units for smart transportation, key digital infrastructure and urban furniture for smart cities, The exploration and landing of the integration of smart cultural tourism construction and operation fields with cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technological means, the two parties will surely explore a new thinking and new model of smart governance, which will provide the country’s smart transportation management and smart city management operations. Draw on. The two parties have in-depth cooperation and will expand to various fields and subdivisions of smart cities in the future, and jointly create a new type of smart city “model room”.

This strategic cooperation symbolizes the recognition of the products, platforms and brands of Sichuan Sanrui Wisdom by Shanghai CCCC Hyde, and it also reflects Sichuan Sanrui Wisdom’s determination to enter the national smart city. It is reported that the two parties will take “data innovation model, smart city enlightenment” as the cooperation goal, fully integrate their advantages in smart city resources, traction, etc., and jointly explore scenario planning based on the characteristics of different regions and sections and provide long-term sustainable construction Operating industry digital services. Construct a multi-dimensional intelligent high-quality business operation digital underlying service, and create a new digital twin city and a new smart technology traffic scene with data flow.

my country attaches great importance to the creation of smart transportation systems. Although it has developed for many years and has formed a certain scale, it is still far from the ideal direction described by smart transportation. There are also many technology companies engaged in intelligent transportation research in my country. Among them, Baidu is a leading company in this field. Baidu Apollo has advantages that other manufacturers do not have. The core advantages of terminal reach provide feasible solutions for urban smart transportation.

Baidu Apollo continues to increase its technology and R&D capabilities in the field of intelligent transportation, and fully integrates leading technologies such as vehicle-road collaboration, autonomous driving, big data, and artificial intelligence to provide more powerful help for the transformation of urban intelligent transportation. , Baidu’s ACE intelligent transportation solution has also been implemented in more than 30 cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Nanjing and so on. It can also be seen from this that Baidu is positioned as a leader in the construction of domestic smart transportation systems.

And the smart transportation that I just described is just a skinny. Friends who are interested in smart transportation, recommend to take a look at the new book recently released by Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li-“Intelligent Transportation: Affecting the Future of Mankind 10— 40 years of major changes”, it is the first book on the introduction of intelligent transportation applications in the true sense of our country.

One very important reason that Baidu can lead the country in the field of intelligent transportation is that it relies on Baidu’s powerful artificial intelligence technology. No, Baidu won another prize for its artificial intelligence technology at the recent National Science and Technology Awards Conference. Baidu won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award for its “Knowledge-enhanced Cross-modal Semantic Understanding Key Technology and Application”.

In the process of facilitating the smart upgrade of the transportation industry, Tencent and its partners have focused on the various connotations of the future transportation life, and used their technological advantages in the fields of cloud, graphics, big data, AI and 5G to create a “123” for the smart transportation field. Ability circle”-that is, the circle shape of 1 big system, 2 big advantages and 3 big abilities, and on this basis, it empowers the smart upgrade of the seven major tracks.

A large system-Tencent Smart Transportation OS. As a ubiquitous, high-performance, easy-scalable, and open new generation of industrial-grade transportation operating system, it can access various types of transportation equipment and various subsystems, and integrate multi-source data, with the help of spatio-temporal computing, AI reasoning, and big data analysis Various capabilities such as user reach, provide support for industry application development.

Two major advantages-real-time twins and C-terminal reach are the two core capabilities of Tencent Transportation’s 123 capability circle. By building a full-link system that runs through perception, calculation, simulation and deduction to control, “a picture” of traffic situation awareness and “a network” of traffic management are realized. Relying on the three ecosystems of social networking, content and services, and the reach capabilities behind pan-V2X services, it breaks the boundaries between reality and virtuality, and achieves multi-channel, full-scenario, and real-time reach to users.

The three major capabilities-Tencent Smart Transportation, in the form of an open and integrated pan-V2X network connection open platform, systematically empowers smart transportation, facilitates the sustainable development of the industry, and builds a new, operable and evolvable smart transportation ecosystem.

Seven major tracks-Tencent Smart Transportation integrates LBS, autonomous driving, 5G, cloud, AI and other technical capabilities, as well as transportation operations and other resources, and leverages Tencent’s advantages in big data, ToC user reach, virtual simulation, and digital twins to form Digital solutions for the seven fields of smart highway, urban transportation, smart network, smart rail transit, smart civil aviation, smart port, and smart logistics.

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