Tektronix launches new dual-pulse test software for AFG31000 to simplify efficacy testing

Beijing, China, October 16, 2019-Tektronix Technologies announced a few days ago that it has launched a new software plug-in for the arbitrary function/waveform generator AFG31000, which can perform critical double pulse tests in one minute, which is a significant savings compared with other methods A lot of time.

With the new dual-pulse test software, engineers can quickly define pulse parameters in a single window on the AFG31000 large touch screen Display, and generate the pulses required to perform the test, which takes less than one minute. The software can adjust the impedance of the pulse width and the time slot between each pulse, supports up to 30 pulses, and the pulse width ranges from 20 ns to 150 ns.

“The new dual-pulse test plug-in once again proves that our new AFG31000 can easily set up the test system, quickly change the parameters, and run a series of tests with extremely high efficiency and stability.” Manager Chris Bohn said, “This greatly improves the work efficiency of power engineers, thereby significantly reducing costs and shortening product development cycles.”

Researchers and design and test engineers in the power supply and semiconductor industries use double pulse testing to measure and evaluate the switching parameters and dynamic characteristics of power devices, including devices made of wide band gap materials, such as silicon carbide (SiC) and nitride Gallium (GaN).

To perform double-pulse testing, engineers need to accurately generate at least two voltage pulses with different pulse widths and timings to trigger MOSFET or IGBT power devices. The use of current test equipment to generate these pulses has been facing great challenges, forcing researchers and engineers to manually create waveforms using PCs or microcontrollers, a process that is time-consuming and error-prone.

AFG31000 redefines the arbitrary waveform/function generator

AFG31000 came out last year, setting a number of industry firsts among similar products, redefining the arbitrary waveform/function generator, including the largest touch screen, a brand-new user interface, and a patented device that can automatically detect and compensate for impedance mismatches InstaView? Technical functions, programmable waveform sequencing, a new ArbBuilder tool that can easily create and edit arbitrary waveforms.

The AFG31000 series instrument has a 9-inch touch screen Display, divided into 1 channel and 2 channel configurations, providing 14-bit vertical resolution and 250 MSa/s, 1 GSa/s or 2 GSa/s sampling rate. The AFG31000 dual pulse test software is now available, and customers can download it for free from https://www.tek.com.cn/signal-generator/afg31000-function-generator#overview.

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