Sweden issued a temporary ban: temporarily lifting the ban on Huawei and ZTE

On November 9, local time, Swedish TV reported that the Stockholm Administrative Court issued a temporary injunction on the 9th, suspending the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Administration (PTS) on October 20 to restrict Huawei’s additional clauses in the 5G spectrum auction.

The administrative court stated that because this decision has an impact on Huawei’s rights and interests, Huawei has the right to appeal the decision. The administrative court further pointed out that due to the unclear outcome of the current case, it has decided to issue a temporary injunction to suspend the applicable part of the spectrum auction decision regarding Huawei.

On October 20, the Swedish Postal and Telecommunications Administration (PTS) issued 5G spectrum bidding conditions, stating that telecom operators cannot use Huawei’s products. Huawei put forward the above on PTS’s decision on November 6, including applying for a temporary injunction. The administrative court announced a temporary injunction, but it has not yet made a judgment on Huawei’s substantive statement.

Previously, a number of Swedish telecommunications companies have reached cooperation with Huawei in 4G and 5G networks. If Huawei’s equipment is not used, in addition to the significant delay in 5G deployment, it will further increase costs.

In response, Huawei stated in its response that the administrative decision of the Swedish Postal and Telecommunications Administration (PTS) violated legal procedures, did not fully inquire and solicit opinions, did not provide any facts, evidence, or legal reasons, and lacked neutrality, independence and independence. objectivity.

Huawei emphasized: “We are a private company operating globally. We are committed to becoming a contributor to the Swedish ICT industry. We have never had any major cybersecurity incidents in the past 20 years of operation in Sweden. It will not pose any threat to Sweden’s cyber security.”

Finally, Huawei said that it believes that the court will hear cases fairly and impartially, protect and respect Huawei’s legitimate rights and interests, and at the same time, protect and respect the rights and interests of the Swedish ICT industry and consumers.

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