Suning Cloud releases Huawei Mate Xs, Yu Chengdong and others will be unveiled

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At 21 o’clock on February 24th, Huawei’s new products will be released online in the form of a “cloud press conference” on Suning Live. At that time, Yu Chengdong and other Huawei executives will make an appearance, bringing you a variety of new products including Huawei’s new black technology product Mate Xs.

It is reported that the out-of-the-box live broadcast will be launched at this Huawei Cloud conference, allowing users to intuitively perceive the charm of Huawei’s Mate Xs folding screen products. Under the influence of the current epidemic, Huawei chose to release new products online through Suning Live. Under the circumstance of ensuring safety, more consumers can participate in it and feel the new products of Huawei’s black technology for the first time.

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