Specially built for Chinese engineers, Tektronix X series arbitrary waveform function generator adds a new dimension

Beijing, China, October 29, 2021-Tektronix, the world’s leading provider of test and measurement services, announced a few days ago that it will launch the AFG1000X series of arbitrary waveform function generators for the Chinese market. Each X series arbitrary waveform function generator is built with the high standards of Tektronix consistently adhered to, and further expands the Tektronix X series instrument product family. In order to facilitate the purchase and use of new oscilloscopes by Chinese engineers, Tektronix X-series oscilloscopes and arbitrary waveform function generators are only available online at the Tektronix flagship store on JD.com/Tmall.com. They are available exclusively online at preferential prices.

AFG1022X arbitrary waveform function generator provides 25MHz bandwidth, 2 output channels, 1uHz to 25MHz output frequency. The Tektronix AFG1022X arbitrary waveform/function generator can generate waveforms required for various laboratory tests. Most importantly, it is excellent value for money in the Tektronix arbitrary function generator series.

As an indispensable test tool for Electronic engineers, today with ever-changing technology and constantly escalating test requirements, Tektronix’s economical oscilloscopes and arbitrary waveform function generators are constantly innovating and sublimating, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Tektronix’s X-series oscilloscopes TBS1102X/TBS2104X and arbitrary waveform function generator AFG1022X set a technical benchmark for the next generation of mainstream basic oscilloscopes and signal sources to help Chinese engineers perform system design and debugging more efficiently and quickly, paying tribute to China’s innovation diligent!

The X-series test instruments with extremely high cost performance are only available for the Chinese market and are exclusively sold online in the Tektronix flagship store. For more promotional activities, please consult the flagship store customer service.

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