Sony’s new patent exposure: the next generation of VR controller looks like this

WIPO recently published a patent document for a controller filed by Sony, with the patent titled’Controller Device’. In this patent, it can be seen that the controller is used to fit the user’s hand for one-handed operation, and with some operating characteristics, people have to think that this is an exclusive controller designed for PSVR.

The structure of the controller is not complicated. According to the patent description, it is equipped with a sensing device on the part of the control lever, and the sensing device can be used to detect the user’s finger.

Although it is not written in the document to determine which method will be used for detection, since this feature is currently lacking in PS VR controllers, some people speculate that this is a next-generation VR device, which is involved in PS VR2. Controller.

The Links:   6MBI100L-060 LT1763CS8-15

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