Smart lighting, whether to choose Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Mesh

In recent years, in the rich IoT application scenarios, various applications have emerged one after another, and the rapid development of low-power wireless technology has accelerated the changes in the field of smart homes, and a number of smart products have emerged, the smart sockets that we are familiar with. , Smart switches, smart curtains and smart lighting, etc. But in the product design and development stage, how to choose the right low-power wireless solution for smart lighting solutions, whether to choose low-power Bluetooth (BLE) or Bluetooth Mesh? Let’s listen to the experience sharing of the Bluetooth module manufacturer SKYLAB.

Intelligent lighting refers to a distributed lighting control system composed of technologies such as Internet of Things technology, wired/wireless communication technology, power carrier communication technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving control to realize intelligent control of lighting equipment .

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Bluetooth Mesh


The Bluetooth protocol is divided into classic Bluetooth and low energy Bluetooth (BLE). Classic Bluetooth is suitable for audio streaming media transmission, such as wireless headphones, microphones, etc., and low energy Bluetooth is suitable for remote controls, bracelets, lights and home appliances and other needs and intelligence The mobile phone is directly connected to the device receiving the control.

The working frequency of BLE is 2.4GHz. There are 40 RF channels defined in the Bluetooth specification with a channel interval of 2MHz, of which 3 channels are broadcast channels used to discover devices, establish connections, and broadcast. In the BLE 5.0 specification, the remaining 37 channels can be used for both data transmission and broadcast channels. Compared with the data rate defined in the specification before BLE 4.2 which is 1Mbps, BLE 5.0 adds a 2Mbps PHY, and the data throughput rate can be increased to 1.4Mbps. In addition, the transmit power of BLE 5.0 has been increased to 100mW (20dBm).

Mesh is a new network topology choice for Bluetooth LE, launched in the summer of 2017. It represents an important development of Bluetooth technology, positioning Bluetooth as a mainstream low-power wireless communication technology in various new fields and new use cases, including smart buildings and industrial Internet of Things. The Bluetooth Mesh protocol is a protocol based on network flood management. The flooding mode is simple and easy to implement.

The Bluetooth Mesh network solves the single-point failure problem through the relay function, which includes the relay function, the low power consumption function, the neighbor function and the proxy function. The biggest advantage of the Bluetooth Mesh network is that it supports mobile phone connections. However, current mobile phones do not support Bluetooth Mesh. Therefore, the Bluetooth Mesh network needs at least one proxy node to communicate with the mobile phone.

The low-power Bluetooth color control lamp solution is mainly based on the SKYLAB BLE Bluetooth module SKB360/SKB362 to realize the color control of smart Bluetooth LED lights and other functions. At present, SKYLAB’s low-power bluetooth color control light scheme is divided into two types, one is 1:1, one mobile phone controls 1 LED light; the low-power bluetooth color control light program description: mobile phone bluetooth and color lights The BLE Bluetooth module is paired to realize APP command to control the bluetooth of the colored lights and realize different functions.

Smart lighting Bluetooth Mesh lighting control solution: In the Bluetooth Mesh lighting control solution, the Bluetooth Mesh module SKB369 needs to be built into the LED lights. The user can control any one or one of the Mesh networks by connecting to any LED light in the Mesh network through a mobile phone. Group lights; Bluetooth switch can be used as a node to control the switch of all lights in the Mesh network, or set different scene modes; users can also group and control the LED lights in the Mesh network; you can adjust the LED lights in the Mesh network Light and color; set different scene modes; timing switch and other operations.

At present, the two major markets that demand smart lighting are mainly the home field and the commercial field. In the home field and small-scale commercial lighting, the Bluetooth module can meet the needs of smart lighting. If it is a large-scale commercial lighting field, if the number is relatively large, It is necessary to select the Bluetooth Mesh of the networking and so on. The commercial lighting field puts more emphasis on stable, reliable and large-scale network deployment. In the design of actual intelligent lighting schemes, it is necessary to make choices based on actual applications and comprehensive consideration of cost and performance.

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