SK Hynix’s acquisition of Intel’s flash memory business is approved in Singapore, and mainland China becomes the final review point

IT House, July 22, according to Yonhap News Agency, SK Hynix’s transaction plan to acquire Intel’s flash memory business has been approved by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore.

SK Hynix’s acquisition of Intel’s flash memory business needs to be approved in 8 countries and regions. It has been approved by the United States, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Antitrust investigations are still underway in Mainland China.

IT Home understands that SK Hynix’s acquisition agreement includes Intel’s NAND solid-state drive business, NAND flash memory and wafer business, flash memory manufacturing plant, related intellectual property rights, and R&D personnel. However, Intel itself retains the enterprise-class Optane memory chip business, and has also introduced new products such as H20 before this.

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