SK hynix acquires ISO 26262, an international functional safety standard for automotive storage semiconductors

– The company successfully obtained ASIL-D certification, the highest rated automotive safety integrity level (ASIL)

– Successfully secured the competitive advantage of storage technology required for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

SK Hynix stated on November 12 that it has successfully obtained the ISO 26262: 2018 FSM (Functional Safety Management) standard certification for automotive storage semiconductor companies. The organization responsible for this certification is TUV Nord, Germany’s global authoritative automotive functional safety certification organization, and then the two parties held an online certification award ceremony. Present at the award ceremony were Shen Dayong, deputy president of SK hynix automotive business, Song Weihao, deputy president of SK hynix quality system, Bianca Pfuff, director of TUV Nord certification body, and chief review officer Josef Neumann.

ISO 26262 certification is an international standard for automotive functional safety systems formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2011 to prevent accidents caused by malfunctions in automotive electrical and Electronic systems. The certification granted to SK Hynix is ​​based on the latest version of ISO 26262:2018, which adds additional requirements for automotive semiconductors. In the automotive industry, safety, quality and reliability are paramount. Therefore, auto parts manufacturers must meet the ISO 26262 standard.

SK hynix explained that obtaining this certification has laid a solid foundation for SK hynix to lead the development of the automotive storage semiconductor market and strengthened the company’s product competitiveness. The company has achieved the industry’s highest automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) rating, which is ASIL-D certification, which is the highest level among the four certification levels (A~D), further confirming that SK hynix’s product safety level has reached the industry’s The highest level.

The SK Hynix product that passed FSM certification this time is 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM. LPDDR5 is a high-capacity, high-performance, low-power memory component, which is essential for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle technology. SK Hynix will continue to consolidate its position in the automotive semiconductor market, and continue to add universal flash storage (UFS) and high-bandwidth memory such as HBM2E and HBM3 to the automotive semiconductor product group.

Shen Dayong, Deputy President of SK hynix’s automotive business, said: “This certification proves that SK hynix’s automotive semiconductor products have world-leading functional safety technology. Thanks to this, we plan to expand strategic cooperation with customers in the automotive industry. Partnership.” Song Yuhao, Deputy President of SK Hynix Quality System, added: “To ensure the dominance of the ever-evolving automotive memory market, SK hynix will continue to improve the safety, quality and reliability of our products.”

SK hynix acquires ISO 26262, an international functional safety standard for automotive storage semiconductors

Representatives of SK Hynix commemorated ISO 26262 FSM certification with officials from TUV Nord at an online event on November 11

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