Siemens and AWS deepen cooperation to jointly promote the digital transformation of cloud computing industry

Siemens Digital Industrial Software has recently expanded its cooperation with Amazon Cloud Technology (AWS), combining Siemens’ deep industrial knowledge and AWS’s comprehensive cloud services to help industrial enterprises accelerate their digital transformation process through cloud technology. The two parties plan to vigorously promote the application of Siemens Xcelerator as a Service in the industry and improve the accessibility, scalability and flexibility of the Xcelerator solution portfolio. Xcelerator as a Service can help quickly realize predictable digital transformation, provide enterprises with new manufacturing insights and process automation capabilities, and deploy interconnected services to provide customized solutions for any stage of the digital process.

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● Siemens and AWS work together to improve the accessibility, scalability and flexibility of the Siemens Xcelerator solution portfolio

● Help companies reduce the complexity of product design and production through technical cooperation and the provision of new services

Siemens and AWS deepen cooperation to jointly promote the digital transformation of cloud computing industry

Tony Hemmelgarn, President and CEO of Siemens Digital Industrial Software, said: “Siemens and AWS will work together to help companies speed up engineering progress, optimize factory operations, and enhance customer experience from chip to edge to cloud. We are very happy to work with AWS has joined hands and combined leading cloud services and industrial experience to pave the way for customers’ digital enterprise transformation.”

According to the strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two parties, AWS and Siemens will jointly provide support to customers, expand the cloud computing capabilities of Siemens Xcelerator as a Service, explore innovative opportunities, and develop and deliver new solutions. One of the important areas of this cooperation is the enrichment and improvement of digital twin technology. The two parties plan to accelerate the deployment of digital twins and make them more popular through AWS IoT TwinMaker; AWS IoT TwinMaker is a new service launched by AWS that can speed up integration Simplify the creation of digital twins with multiple data sources. The Siemens Xcelerator solution portfolio currently integrates more than 60 AWS services. The addition of AWS IoT TwinMaker will help customers achieve more powerful digital twins and ensure that these solutions are compatible with Siemens design, simulation and manufacturing software.

Bill Vass, vice president of engineering at AWS, said: “The strong alliance between Siemens and AWS will help industrial customers more easily use Siemens’ comprehensive digital twin technology and AWS cloud services to gain new manufacturing insights and master automation and interconnection services. We will bring new, cloud-based digital transformation solutions to the market, helping companies of all sizes face complex industrial problems and transform them into competitive advantages that can stand in the market.”

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