Samsung invests 500 million US dollars to build a factory in India, aiming to regain the smartphone market

Once upon a time, Samsung dominated the Indian smartphone market. Now it is ambitiously trying to regain its market share in India. It has once again invested US$500 million in its Indian business to build a Display manufacturing plant on the outskirts of New Delhi.

Samsung Electronics disclosed the investment and its plans in a document submitted to local regulators in early January this year. The factory will produce displays used in smartphones and various other Electronic devices. Samsung disclosed in the document that Samsung has allocated part of the land from its existing factory in Noida for the new factory.

In 2018, Samsung opened a factory in Noida, which is said to be the world’s largest mobile manufacturing factory. At that time, Samsung promised to invest about 700 million U.S. dollars to open this factory.

The new plant will help Samsung further improve its local production capacity for smartphone components and bring Samsung a series of tax incentives provided by New Delhi. These benefits will be useful when Samsung faces the challenge of Chinese smartphone supplier Xiaomi. After all, Xiaomi ended Samsung’s leading position in India.

India is the second largest market in the world and currently has nearly 500 million smartphone users. Samsung is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in India. However, the Chinese brand Realme has gradually eroded Samsung’s market share in India in recent months. Some analysts even predict that Realme will replace Samsung and become India’s second largest smartphone manufacturer by the end of December last year.

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