Riding the wind and waves, “the dawn” firmly believes that “the ideal is not far away”

Recently, once the variety show “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” was broadcast, it caused a strong response from netizens. The 30 30-year-old sisters are full of firepower on stage, and fans can’t help but call crazy for them.

The 30-year-old sisters brave the wind and waves, overcome obstacles, are not afraid of age, and are not afraid of the difficulties and dangers of the road ahead. They start again and pursue their own ideals, which is moving. In fact, in the domestic information industry, there is no shortage of such companies that cut waves, and Sugon is one of them.

“There is no light / never experienced the dark night before blooming / but the ideal / will eventually be tempered by the dark night / blooming the dawn of hope.” On July 6, Zhongke Sugon released a new brand Slogan: “The dawn is near , The ideal is not far away”. As the leading brand in the domestic information technology industry, Sugon has released the new slogan at this time. What is the meaning?

Riding the wind and waves, “the dawn” firmly believes that “the ideal is not far away”

Cutting-edge technology supports “the dawn is near”

Zhongke Shuguang was established in 1996. From the initial subsidiary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to the current A-share main board listed company, in the past two decades, Sugon has gone through the Internet’s ten-year dividend and bubble burst, the rise of cloud computing, the era of big data, and artificial intelligence. Intelligence surges for the third time. In the midst of these many storms, Sugon has not rushed nor slowed down, steadily and steadily, with leading technology and excellent products, serving B-end users wholeheartedly, and sitting firmly behind the scenes of the information age.

As a pioneer in the computing field, Sugon’s business covers servers, storage, data centers, urban clouds, and other popular products in the “new infrastructure”. With the rise of technologies and services such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence in recent years, Sugon has reduced the complexity to simplicity and packaged its business into “advanced computing products and services” to empower the digital economy.

Riding the wind and waves, “the dawn” firmly believes that “the ideal is not far away”

From the day it was born, the dawn was placed with good hopes. Looking back on the changes of Slogan in the past, “Independent innovation serves China”, “Calculation determines the future”, and “Let the whole society share the value of data” are more based on technology and business itself, reflecting the high-tech attributes of Sugon. Now Dawn came to the stage and announced that “Dawn is very close”, showing its own technological confidence.

The only constant in this world is change. The international situation is changing rapidly, and the game between major powers is intensifying. In certain key technical fields, my country is still under the control of others and urgently needs breakthroughs; while the current epidemic is still haze, economic development is still hindered. Against this dual background, China needs to unite its efforts. As the main body of economic development, enterprises need to have a firm will and the spirit of continuous breakthrough and development.

Riding the wind and waves, “the dawn” firmly believes that “the ideal is not far away”

It is in this context that the latest Slogan of Sugon “Dawn is very close, ideals are not far” came into being. Different from the past, Sugon’s brand renewal pays more attention to the reflection of intrinsic value.

“Dawn is very near”, showing that after more than 20 years of hard work, Sugon in the new generation of information infrastructure, integrating software and hardware products, solutions, and advanced computing services, will play an active role in the tide of “new infrastructure” , To bring more light to the society of science and technology.

The original intention remains the same, and promises “the ideal is not far away”

In the current era, there has never been a lack of change, but what is lacking is concentration; there is no lack of wind, but what is lacking is perseverance; there is no lack of ideals, but what is lacking is the courage and perseverance to persevere toward ideals.

In this era, the most commendable thing is the persistence and hard work of dreams, but there are such a group of people who have always adhered to their ideals and never gave up. We are currently in an era of accelerated development of the digital economy. A new generation of IT infrastructure providers such as Sugon are the builders and practitioners of this digital era.

Riding the wind and waves, “the dawn” firmly believes that “the ideal is not far away”

As a company that provides IT infrastructure technology and software and hardware services, Sugon’s goal is to turn good technologies and innovations into products and services, to make innovations shine, technology to land, and data to add value, so as to allow customers , The “ideal not far away” of partners and employees.

Specifically, in terms of technology, Sugon has always insisted on independent research and development, pursued technological breakthroughs, and forward-looking computing technology to provide a stable cornerstone for industrial development, so that users are not far from the ideal of industrial evolution; in terms of products, Sugon has adopted stable and safe IT infrastructure products, carrying efficient and easy-to-use IT applications, make users not far from the ideal of business innovation and growth; in terms of quality, Sugon pursues excellence, overcomes quality difficulties, fully meets the needs of industry application innovation product upgrades, and helps users develop high-quality industry In terms of service, Sugon helps users solve the worries after using IT facilities through whole-hearted services and one-stop product solutions, so that they can focus on their own business applications, so that users can move forward with peace of mind. ; In terms of belief, Sugon will work with its partners to create development value for users with advanced technology and high-quality services with perseverance and perseverance, so as to realize the ideal from “mutual” to “independent of each other”, and to meet a better dawn together .

For more than 20 years, Sugon has its own rich experience and knowledge in the chain of transforming advanced technologies into market applications. R & D efforts, increase the size; product innovation, increase the size. On the basis of years of development, Sugon has accelerated the speed of “butterfly change”, improved the priority of service and quality, and adhered to the original aspiration of the enterprise with the “Dawn Spirit” of hard work and struggle, and strived to create more for the industry and society. Great value.

It is precisely because of the technological value that Sugon provides to this digital society with its own technology, products, services, and quality, the day when customers, partners, and employees realize their ideals may not be far away.

When this group of struggling Dawn people form a strong team, why should we not believe that they have enough confidence to shout the slogan “Dawn is near, ideal is not far”?

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