Renesas Electronics Expands 28nm Cross-Domain Automotive Microcontroller Lineup

  November 9, 2021, Tokyo, Japan

Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a global semiconductor solution provider, announced today that it has launched a set of powerful new microcontrollers (MCU)-RH850/U2B, which integrates multiple applications into a single chip and continues to develop The Electronic and electrical (E/E) architecture realizes a unified electronic control unit (ECU) to meet the growing demand of the market. The RH850/U2B cross-domain MCU integrates high performance, flexibility, anti-interference and safety. It is designed to meet the demanding workload requirements of vehicles during operation, including hybrid ICE and xEV motor inverters, Applications such as high-end zone control, Internet gateway and domain control.


Renesas Electronics Expands 28nm Cross-Domain Automotive Microcontroller Lineup

28nm automotive-grade MCU RH850 U2B acceleration area & domain architecture ECU integration


Renesas Electronics Expands 28nm Cross-Domain Automotive Microcontroller Lineup

Renesas Automotive MCU product camp

As a result, Renesas has expanded its cross-domain MCU product lineup, covering from RH850/U2A for body and chassis control systems to high-performance RH850/U2B. Customers can also combine it with Renesas’ R-Car S4 SoC for automotive central gateway systems to create a scalable solution for the E/E architecture.

Naoki Yoshida, Vice President of Renesas Electronics’ Automotive Digital Product Marketing Division, said: “The future of automotive system design lies in the vehicle-centric and domain-oriented E/E architecture; at the same time, the demand for automotive chips is increased. These innovative architectures pose challenges for next-generation vehicles. RH850/U2B expands the Renesas cross-domain MCU product family, bringing customers a higher level of performance, memory integration, and hardware-based support for new areas and domains Control applications, especially for powertrain and HEV/EV, while meeting the stringent requirements of vehicle systems such as cost, security and encryption.”

The 28-nanometer RH850/U2B is designed for zone and domain applications. Based on the key functions of Renesas’ RH850/E2x series for powertrain and RH850/C1M-Ax series for HEV/EV motor control, it adds The new accelerator IP improves performance and security. These improvements enable users to integrate multiple ECU functions into a single ECU while meeting stringent automotive-grade security, encryption, and real-time operability requirements.

The Hypervisor based on the MCU hardware virtualization mechanism allows multiple software systems with a functional safety level up to ISO26262 ASIL D to operate independently without interference under high-performance conditions, reducing the time required for virtualization to ensure real-time processing. QoS provides delay monitoring and adjustment functions for all bus masters to ensure that the minimum bandwidth is always available. RH850/U2B supports safe and fast zero-wait OTA software updates; dual-zone embedded flash memory allows the ECU to update and save images when the MCU is in working mode, and enables the ECU to run from the source code in the event of a failure. The integrated motor control accelerator IP (EMU3S) works in conjunction with multiple dedicated motor control timer structures such as GTM v4.1 and TSG3 to achieve high-speed rotation while significantly reducing the CPU processing load. The dedicated data flow processor (DFP) accelerator IP enables the CPU to offload the heavy calculations used for complex control.

Key additional features of RH850/U2B MCU

·Up to 8 400MHz performance cores; 4 cores use lock-step architecture to create super performance in automotive-grade MCUs with built-in flash memory for ASIL-D and ASIL-B applications

·Support Evita Full-level integrated security functions, including elliptic curve encryption algorithm, to enhance protection against network attacks

·New high-performance motor control accelerator IP (EMU3S), which can be used flexibly with multiple dedicated motor control timer structures such as GTM v4.1 and TSG3

·Dedicated resolver/digital converter accelerator IP (RDC3X), which can process analog signals from motor rotation angle sensors (resolvers) or inductive position sensors

·DR1000C: A RISC-V-based parallel coprocessor IP; with vector expansion (DFP), authorized by NSITEXE, supports the rapid execution of complex mathematical algorithms

· Cutting-edge communication interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet TSN supporting switches

·Multiple instances of AES128 lockstep module for conflict-free, deterministic security and secure communication

Supply information

RH850/U2B MCU will start sampling in April 2022

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