Renesas Electronics creates a new era of industrial motor commutation with high-precision inductive position sensing

Tokyo, Japan, June 24, 2020-Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), the world’s leading semiconductor solutions provider, today announced the launch of the non-magnet IPS2200 inductive position sensor. IPS2200 has high precision, high speed, and is completely immune to stray magnetic field interference. It can achieve efficient integration with motors in an ultra-thin, lightweight product shape. It is widely used in various industrial, medical and robotic applications. sensor. The sensor can help customers cost-effectively customize sensor designs for their applications and maximize sensor accuracy.

Christian Wolf, Vice President of Renesas Electronics’ Automotive Sensors Division, said: “With the increasing requirements for high precision, high efficiency, and low cost, inductive position sensing is changing the pattern of industrial motor commutation, especially for many Extremely demanding for motors and off-axis applications. We are happy to provide customers with solutions from concept to PCB layout with IPS2200, enabling them to independently design resolver alternatives, and achieve lighter weight for industrial, robotics, consumer and medical applications , Motors with better performance. Looking to the future, Renesas will also explore the application of inductive sensors in the automotive field.”

IPS2200 is designed around the motor, allowing customers to match the number of sectors with the number of pole pairs of the motor, thereby maximizing accuracy and adapting to off-axis (through shaft and side shaft) and shaft end arrangements. Compared with traditional resolvers, the thickness of the magnetless IPS2200 can be as thin as one tenth, the weight can be as light as one hundredth, and the electric speed can be as high as 250 krpm. The light and thin profile and complete stray magnetic field immunity of the sensor make it easier to integrate the motor, and provide customers with standard materials required for independent manufacturing of resolver alternatives, thereby reducing BOM costs. Compared with resolvers or magnetic-based solutions, IPS2200 can achieve up to 10 times the speed and extremely low latency through a four-wire or six-wire connection.

The key features of IPS2200 include:

Ÿ In line with industrial standards, stable operation in harsh environments and ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +125°C

Ÿ Interface: sine/cosine single-ended or differential

Ÿ Power supply voltage: 3.3V±10% or 5.0V±10%

Ÿ Speed: up to 250,000 rpm (electric cycle)

Ÿ Transmission delay: programmable, <10μs

Ÿ Sin/cos gain offset and offset compensation

Ÿ Overvoltage, reverse polarity and short circuit protection

Ÿ Digital programming interface: I2C or SPI

In addition, Renesas also provides ready-made tools for creating custom sensing elements, as well as custom tools that can optimize coil settings in about 30 minutes.

IPS2200 is Renesas Electronics’ first position sensor for the industrial market, and it incorporates the company’s powerful product portfolio for industrial motor commutation, including microcontrollers, power management and drivers.

Supply information

The IPS2200 is available now, with a unit price of US$4.22 in 1,000-piece quantities; the IPS2200STKIT evaluation kit is also available. (Price or availability information is subject to change without notice)

About Renesas Electronics Group

Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723) provides professional and credible innovative embedded design and complete semiconductor solutions, aiming to improve people’s work and lifestyle through billions of connected smart devices using its products. As the world’s leading supplier of microcontrollers, analog power devices and SoC products, Renesas Electronics provides comprehensive solutions for various applications such as automotive, industrial, home, infrastructure, and the Internet of Things. We look forward to working with you to create Infinite future.

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