Release | The Central Cyberspace Administration of China issued the Eighth Five-Year Plan for Publicity and Education of the Rule of Law in Cyberspace Administration (2021-2025)

Recently, the Office of the Central Cyber ​​Security and Informatization Commission issued the “Eighth Five-Year Plan for Publicity and Education of the Rule of Law in Cyberspace and Information System (2021-2025)”, making arrangements and deployments for the “Eighth Five-Year Plan” of the cybersecurity and informatization system.

The Eighth Five-Year Plan for Publicity and Education of the Rule of Law in the Cyberspace and Information System (2021-2025)

Publicity and education on the rule of law on the Internet is a long-term basic work for the rule of law on the Internet, and an inevitable requirement for promoting the healthy development of the Internet and information industry. During the “Seventh Five-Year” law popularization period, the nationwide cybersecurity and informatization system conscientiously implemented the “Seventh Five-Year Plan” law popularization plan. The network law popularization work achieved remarkable results. The ecological environment is becoming clearer and clearer, which effectively serves the overall situation of cybersecurity and informatization, and provides a powerful legal guarantee for the promotion of network management, network management, and Internet access in accordance with the law.

my country has embarked on a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way, and the building of a network power has entered a new stage of development. In order to in-depth study, publicize and implement Xi Jinping’s rule of law thought, implement the Eighth Five-Year Plan of the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Justice on Propaganda and Education on the Rule of Law ( 2021-2025)” related deployment arrangements, combined with the actual work of the rule of law in the network, formulate this plan.

1. Leading the Internet law popularization work with Xi Jinping’s thoughts on the rule of law

(1) Guiding ideology

Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party The important thinking of a network power, strengthen the “four consciousness”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, and achieve the “two maintenance”, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and focus on the development goal of building a network power. Systematically plan the important tasks, key tasks, and major projects of Internet law popularization, so that the Internet becomes the largest increase in the development of law-based publicity and education innovation, and creates a good law-based environment for the construction of a network-powered country.

(2) Main objectives

By 2025, the coordination mechanism for online law popularization will be more complete, and the overall pattern of online law popularization will be fully formed. The pertinence and effectiveness of Internet law popularization have been significantly improved, the rule of law literacy and awareness of the rule of law of netizens have been significantly enhanced, and the literacy of the rule of law of young netizens on the Internet has been continuously improved. The main responsibility of the network platform and the self-discipline of the industry were effectively implemented, and the efficiency and level of network governance have been improved. The comprehensive network governance system has become more complete, and the awareness, enthusiasm, and initiative to enforce the rule of law in cyberspace have been significantly improved. The atmosphere of respecting the law and law-abiding usage of the whole Internet has become stronger, and the rule of law on the Internet has become a social consensus and basic norm. The majority of Internet users enjoy a greater sense of gain, happiness, and security in the development of the Internet.

(3) Working principles

-Uphold the party’s overall leadership. Carry out the party’s leadership throughout the entire process and all aspects of online law popularization, always adhere to the correct political direction, enhance political awareness, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, and political execution, and firmly grasp the party’s leadership and discourse in network law popularization right.

——Insist on putting people as the center. Always implement the people-centered development idea, insist on the popularization of Internet law for the people, rely on the people, serve the people, protect the rights and interests of the people in accordance with the law, promote the people’s high-quality life, consolidate the social foundation for the rule of law, and let the publicity of the Internet law reach the masses. Into the hearts of the masses.

——Insist on overall planning and systematic advancement. Strengthen overall planning and overall advancement, firmly establish the work concept of “one network across the country, one chess game across the entire network”, and better utilize the system advantages of various departments, units, and industries to carry out network law popularization. Adhere to the integration of network law popularization with the practice of network rule of law, and integrate network law popularization into the entire process of managing the network according to law, operating the network according to law, and surfing the Internet according to law.

——Insist on reform and innovation, precision and efficiency. Scientifically grasp the laws of online law popularization, and in-depth advance all-round innovations in the ideas, methods, carrier channels, and institutional mechanisms of online law popularization. Efforts will be made to build a fusion, innovative, accurate and efficient network law popularization work mechanism, enhance the supply of high-quality content, and make the network law popularization work reflect the times, grasp the regularity, and be creative.

2. Clarify the key content of online law popularization

(1) Highlight the study and publicity of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on the rule of law. Taking the study, publicity and implementation of Xi Jinping’s rule of law thought as the primary task of online law popularization, in-depth study and publicity of the great significance, rich connotation, spiritual essence and practical requirements of Xi Jinping’s rule of law thought. To adapt to the trend of mass segmentation of Internet communication, use new technologies and new applications to carefully conduct online publicity reports on Xi Jinping’s rule of law thought, transform the party’s innovative theory into easy-to-understand public discourse, and promote Xi Jinping’s rule of law thought online propaganda to go deeper and more realistic.

(2) Prominently publicize the Constitution. Carry out constitutional propaganda and education activities in depth and lasting, explain the system basis of “rule of China”, explain the connotation and significance of constitutional governance in the new era, and explain the spirit of the constitution. In conjunction with the “12·4” National Constitution Day, launch the “Constitution Propaganda Week” online publicity activities, organize the “Me and the Constitution” micro-video collection activities, promote the spirit of the Constitution, maintain the authority of the Constitution, and promote the normalization and institutionalization of online constitutional publicity and education , To enhance the respect and belief of the Constitution in the whole society.

(3) Highlight the publicity of the Civil Code. Extensively carry out the popularization of the Civil Code, explain the characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the Civil Code, explain the basic principles of the Civil Code on equality, voluntariness, fairness, and integrity in civil activities, and explain the Civil Code on the principle of upholding equality of subjects, protecting property rights, and convenience Basic requirements such as transaction flow, maintenance of human dignity, promotion of family harmony, and investigation of tort liability, explain a series of new regulations, new concepts and spirits of the Civil Code. Do a good job in the online publicity of “A Good Life · Civil Code Companion”, and organize special publicity activities for the Civil Code. Strengthen the study of the Civil Code for leading cadres of the cybersecurity and informatization system, encourage cybersecurity and informatization leaders at all levels to set an example in studying, observing, and maintaining the Civil Code, and improve the ability and level of using the Civil Code to safeguard people’s rights and interests, resolve conflicts and disputes, and promote social harmony and stability.

(4) Prominently publicize important Internet-related laws. Effectively strengthen the publicity of practical experience and achievements in the construction of the rule of law on the Internet. Focus on publicizing the National Security Law, Anti-Terrorism Law, Cyber ​​Security Law, Heroes and Martyrs Protection Law, E-commerce Law, Minors Protection Law, Data Security Law, Personal Information Protection Law and other laws related to Internet governance. Strengthen the publicity and popularization of Internet-related governance laws formulated and revised during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. Organize the creation of high-quality law popularization products related to important Internet laws, set up relevant legal lecture groups, carry out knowledge competitions, make full use of new media, and carry out law popularization activities in the Internet information system. In conjunction with the “April 15” National Security Education Day for the whole people, the National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week and other national rule of law publicity and education activities, organize and carry out related network law popularization activities to further enhance the Internet rule of law literacy and network security awareness of all Internet users, and to popularize the law with high quality Promote the building of a network power.

(5) In-depth publicity of important Internet-related laws and regulations and regulatory documents. Strengthen the “Regulations on the Security Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure”, “Administrative Measures on Internet Information Services”, “Administrative Regulations on Internet News Information Services”, “Regulations on the Administration of Blockchain Information Services”, “Regulations on the Protection of Children’s Personal Information Networks”, and “Regulations on the Ecological Governance of Online Information Content” “Cyber ​​Security Review Measures”, “Several Provisions on the Management of Automobile Data Security (for Trial Implementation)” and other laws and regulations, as well as “Internet User Public Account Information Service Management Regulations”, “Internet Group Information Service Management Regulations”, and “Mobile Internet Application Information Service Management” Publicity and interpretation of normative documents such as Regulations, “Internet Live Broadcast Service Management Regulations,” “Internet News Information Service License Management Implementation Rules”, “Network Audio and Video Information Service Management Regulations”, “Apps’ Illegal Collection and Use of Personal Information Acts Identification Methods”. People are concerned about paid deletion of posts, online “black public relations”, online navy, traffic fraud, infringement of personal information rights, capital manipulation of public opinion, online platform monopoly, disorder of cross-border flow of data, frequent indecent and vulgar content, etc. Issues, strengthen law popularization and case interpretation, clarify the bottom line and high-tension lines of network activities, educate and guide the majority of Internet users, Internet media, and Internet companies to establish a firm awareness of the rule of law on the Internet.

(6) In-depth publicity of internal party laws and regulations. In-depth study and publicity of internal party laws and regulations, and pay attention to the convergence and coordination of internal party laws and regulations and national laws and publicity. Highlight the study and publicity of internal party laws and regulations such as the “Articles of the Communist Party of China” and “Regulations on the Propaganda Work of the Communist Party of China”. To learn and master internal party laws and regulations as a basic requirement for qualified party members is included in the content of the “three meetings and one lesson” of the party organization, pay attention to the relevant situation when assessing party members and cadres, and promote the normalization and institutionalization of the study and publicity of internal party laws and regulations.

3. Systematic improvement of the legal literacy of the whole people on the Internet

(1) Adhere to the combination of governing the Internet according to law and running the Internet by virtue. We will promote the core values ​​of socialism, strengthen the building of credibility in cyberspace, and promote the integration of cyber civilization and cyber law popularization. In-depth implementation of the project to be a good netizen in China, strengthen the publicity and education of Internet users in respect of law-abiding, network literacy, network security, etc., and strengthen the law popularization of Internet celebrities and Internet social organizations. Establish and improve network behavior standards, cultivate network ethics and behavior rules that conform to socialist core values, and integrate network civilization construction requirements into industry management standards. Intensively carry out the guidance of network civilization, and vigorously strengthen the awareness of network civilization. Make full use of important traditional festivals, major festivals, and anniversaries to organize publicity activities on the culture of the rule of law on the Internet, promote the formation of a civilized network environment that respects morality and goodness, and abides by rules and regulations, and creates a good atmosphere for running the Internet in accordance with the law and using the Internet in good faith.

(2) Establish and improve the law-learning and usage system for leading cadres in the cybersecurity and informatization system. Implement the system for national staff to learn and use laws, and guide leading cadres of the cybersecurity and informatization systems at all levels to firmly establish the basic concepts of the rule of law, such as the supremacy of the constitution and the law, equality before the law, power by law, and power by law. Focusing on the leading cadres of the cybersecurity and informatization system at all levels, systematically improve the ability to use rule of law thinking and the rule of law to manage the network and improve the ability of the cybersecurity and informatization system leaders at all levels to use the rule of law and the rule of law to promote network security and informatization. Implementation of the network information system leading cadres in accordance with the law to enhance the ability of network management. The rule of law and the performance of duties in accordance with the law are included in the important content of the assessment of cadres, and the respect for the law, the study of the law and the law-abiding usage becomes the conscious action and necessary qualities of the leading cadres of the cybersecurity and informatization system at all levels.

(3) Strengthen the special online law popularization among young people. Focusing on the publicity and education of the rule of law for young people, and aiming at the characteristics of young people, we will create more popular products on the internet that young people love, and present the truth, reason, and facts to be told in language and methods that young people can easily accept. Carry out a project to cultivate and upgrade youths’ online legal literacy. Focusing on the protection of young people’s network rights and interests, strengthen youth network literacy and network safety education, so that young netizens will develop a good sense of the rule of law and literacy of the rule of law on the Internet from an early age. Strengthen the guidance and regulation of young people’s online behaviors, give full play to the influence of brands such as “E-Road Escort·E-Road Safe”, and cultivate civilized, regulated and law-abiding online behaviors among young people, so that youth power can help clear the cyberspace.

(4) Carry out online law popularization education for employees of Internet companies. Strengthen the law popularization of practitioners engaged in Internet news information services, network platforms with media attributes and public opinion mobilization functions, and major commercial websites, and guide Internet companies to establish the awareness and initiative of honesty and law-abiding, operating in accordance with the law, management in accordance with the law, and practicing in accordance with the law, Actively assume legal and social responsibilities. Encourage Internet companies to strengthen publicity to users, guide them to abide by user agreements and platform conventions, and use the Internet in a civilized manner. Give full play to the role of network social organizations, and strengthen the publicity and popularization of Internet laws and regulations for Internet industry practitioners through training on network information policies and regulations, and network communication, and gradually explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the promotion of laws and regulations in the Internet industry. Build a national Internet laws and regulations publicity platform, comprehensively use graphics, videos, animations, live broadcasts and other forms of network communication to Display the popularization of Internet laws and regulations and the rule of law information, law popularization experience, theoretical research, Classic cases, etc., to enhance the awareness of the rule of law of Internet enterprise employees.

4. Promote the organic integration of Internet law popularization and Internet governance by law

(1) Promote the administration of the cybersecurity and informatization system according to law. Formulate the “Implementation Opinions of the National Internet Information Office on Strengthening the Construction of a Government under the Rule of Law (2021-2025)”, improve and improve the legal administration system, and accelerate the standardization, proceduralization and legalization of network governance. Strengthen the supervision and management of the formulation of administrative normative documents, strengthen the awareness of decision-making in accordance with the law, strictly implement the legal review system for major administrative penalties, and continuously improve the credibility and execution of administrative decision-making. Deepen the reform of the cybersecurity and informatization law enforcement system, increase law enforcement in key areas, improve and improve the administrative law enforcement work system, and comprehensively promote strict, fair and civilized cyber law enforcement.

(2) Strengthen Internet companies’ governance in accordance with the law. Regard Internet laws and regulations and the rule of law literacy as an important content of the qualification assessment of new media practitioners, and enhance the awareness of lawful and honest operation and the concept of compliance. Implementation of compliance construction projects for Internet companies. Improve the compliance management system for Internet companies, and encourage Internet companies to embed compliance management in the entire business process and all links. Guide Internet companies to increase their security awareness, strengthen compliance management of overseas operations, and strengthen legal risk prevention.

(3) Carry out special network governance actions. Implement the “Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment of a Comprehensive Network Governance System” and deepen the special rectification of the network ecology. In-depth implementation of the “Clean Lang” and “Net Net” series of special operations, to deal with the strong network chaos that the people have reported strongly, to rectify, severely deal with illegal and illegal website platforms and accounts, timely report and expose typical cases, and give full play to the key governance and deterrent effects .

V. Efforts to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of online law popularization

(1) Integrate Internet law popularization into the entire process of Internet legislation, law enforcement, and justice. In the process of formulating and revising Internet laws, regulations and normative documents, public participation has been expanded through public consultations, hearings, demonstration meetings, and contact points for grassroots legislation. When the new law is officially announced and implemented, it responds to social concerns and interprets it simultaneously.

Combined with the public notification of online law enforcement, strengthen the interpretation of the law by case. Implement the system for the interpretation of the law by the network administrative law enforcement personnel and the system for publishing typical cases, and improve the long-term mechanism for the popularization of the law by the case. Make full use of typical network case incidents to promptly interpret the law to the public, spread Internet legal knowledge with vivid cases and vivid language, and make the process of solving typical network case incidents in accordance with the law an open lesson for the whole people on the Internet.

Strengthen law popularization in administrative licensing, administrative punishment, administrative enforcement, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, etc., integrate law popularization to administrative counterparts, case parties, and the public into the network law enforcement case handling procedures, and achieve full network law enforcement and case handling Popularize the law, the whole process. Further improve the management system of public lawyers, enrich the team of public lawyers, and fully mobilize and give play to the active role of public lawyers in the work of online law popularization.

Carrying out online judicial law popularization, advancing the construction of Internet courts, launching typical cases of the rule of law on the Internet, supporting judicial organs in building network law popularization brand columns, explaining and propagating Internet legal knowledge through judicial case studies, interpreting the law and reasoning, enhancing the awareness and awareness of the whole society in using the Internet in accordance with the law and defending rights in accordance with the law. ability.

(2) Make full use of new technologies, new media, and new formats to carry out accurate Internet law popularization. Focus on segmentation and hierarchical dissemination, precise guidance, and actively use new technologies and new media to promote online law popularization, use big data, artificial intelligence, algorithm technology, AR, and VR technologies to promote smart law popularization, and increase the reach, reading rate, and points of online law popularization Like rate. Build a number of online law popularization experience halls, carry out immersive law popularization, and enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of online law popularization. Strengthen the brand building of online legal popularization platforms, increase support for existing online new media legal popularization platforms, and increase influence and spread through policy support to form a group of influential well-known brands. Focusing on important decision-making deployments, major themes, major events, and important conferences on the construction of the rule of law on the Internet, we will carry out segmentation, differentiation, individualization, and precision communication, and promote all-media propaganda, all-format communication, and all-platform coverage. Adapt to the development trend of mobile Internet innovation, provide legal knowledge to the public through various forms such as applications, forums, blogs, microblogs, public accounts, instant messaging tools, webcasts, search engines, online audio and video, Q&A communities, etc., and professionalize The legal terminology of the Internet has been transformed into popular and easy-to-understand life words, online language and online language that the people like to hear and see. Give full play to the advantages of new media communication, and build a national network law popularization matrix. Promote multi-channel transmission, multi-platform Display, and multi-terminal push of excellent online law popularization works.

Six, build a large network of law popularization pattern

(1) Give full play to the role of the network law popularization coordination work mechanism. In-depth promotion of the Internet has become the largest increase in the innovation and development of law popularization. Fully mobilize the system forces of all localities, departments, units, and industries to carry out in-depth “national network law popularization into institutions, enterprises, schools, communities, rural areas, military camps, and networks”. Appoint business backbones to concurrently serve as “Vice President of the Rule of Law”, “Legal Counselor” and “Rule of Law Liaison Officer”, and publicize and popularize legal knowledge through the forms of “First Class” and “Online Rule of Law Lecture”. Make good use of important platforms such as Constitution Propaganda Week, National Cyber ​​Security Propaganda Week, World Internet Conference, and Internet Civilization Conference, set up “Internet Rule of Law Forum”, embed the Internet law popularization section, and set up Internet law popularization topics. Cooperate with the Ministry of Justice, the National Law Office and other relevant departments to successfully organize the national legal knowledge contest on hundreds of websites and WeChat public accounts, the national law-based animation micro-film collection exhibition (screening), and the CCTV annual law-based character selection activity. Guiding China Internet Development Foundation, China Federation of Internet Social Organizations, China Cyberspace Security Association, China Law Society Network and Information Law Research Association and other network social organizations to incorporate Internet law popularization into their annual work arrangements, integrate relevant activities, and effectively carry out Internet laws and regulations Learning publicity. Compile a textbook for popularization of the rule of law on the Internet, and implement the training project for teachers on the rule of law on the Internet. Create an excellent brand cultivation mechanism for Internet law popularization, guide local Internet Information Offices to adapt to local conditions, creatively carry out Internet law popularization work, cultivate a group of characteristic brands of Internet law popularization, establish a group of outstanding models of Internet law popularization, and recommend a group of advanced individuals for Internet law popularization.

(2) Consolidate the responsibility of online media public welfare law popularization. Central news websites, key theoretical websites, and major commercial websites should give full play to their content advantages, resource advantages, channel advantages, and talent advantages, and set up special columns for online law popularization. Propaganda and interpret Internet laws, regulations, and normative documents, timely interpret the newly issued online legislation, and introduce the experience and practices of various departments, regions, units, and industry systems in publicity and education of the rule of law on the Internet. Local news websites and commercial website platforms should combine their own advantages to focus and creatively carry out online law popularization activities. Encourage search engines, website recommendation and other tool websites to focus on the promotion of information related to online law popularization in links such as hot word heat maps on the homepage and news rankings. Key forums, post bars, etc. can guide netizens to respond positively and interact positively through discussion areas on the top and the opening of topic discussion posts. Each website platform must carefully produce online law popularization products that are in line with the characteristics of network communication and that netizens love to hear, and continue to increase the attractiveness and coverage of online law popularization learning and publicity.

(3) Strengthen the law popularization force of social network. Encourage and guide judicial and administrative law enforcement personnel, legal service personnel, legal teachers and students of colleges and universities, and network civilized volunteers to join the network law popularization work. The construction of a volunteer team for online law popularization was implemented. Select excellent teams for online law popularization, set up special topics for online law popularization, and study and solve theoretical and practical problems in the work of online law popularization. Organize experts and scholars to strengthen the publicity and interpretation of Internet legal policies through various forms such as online legal lectures, expert forums, and online legal lectures micro-videos. Further improve the working mechanism for legal consultants to participate in online law popularization, and give full play to the active role of legal practitioners, online legal experts and scholars. Improve the complaint and report mechanism for network violations and uncivilized network phenomena, mobilize the majority of netizens to actively participate in supervision, and promote the sharing and co-governance of cyberspace.

(4) Strengthen the spread of the rule of law to the outside world. Guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on the rule of law and the concept of building a community with a shared future in cyberspace, and focusing on telling the story of the rule of law in China, we will increase China’s Internet governance practices and Internet governance propositions. Innovate the external discourse system, use new technologies and new methods to create a batch of online publicity products with fresh content and novel forms. Let more foreign audiences understand and listen, show the world how to govern the Internet with Chinese characteristics in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner, and further promote the Chinese concept and Chinese plan of Internet governance, and further enhance the communication power, enhance the guidance power, and cultivate affinity , Improve influence. Establish a material library for external legal dissemination, and adopt various forms such as commissioned production and social solicitation to enrich external publicity products.

Seven, do a solid job in the organization and implementation of network law popularization

(1) Improve political positions and strengthen organizational leadership. All localities and units must improve their political positions, fulfill their missions, and attach great importance to and vigorously promote the work of online law popularization. Incorporate network law popularization work into the network ideological work responsibility system and network security work responsibility system, and incorporate it into the region’s network security and informatization construction, and the construction of network law for implementation. According to the actual situation, formulate specific work plans in accordance with planning requirements, refine work objectives, clarify the implementation of responsibilities, determine timetables, and tasks. Develop a list of responsibilities for internet law popularization in the region, and turn the list of responsibilities into specific projects. Pay attention to inventory management, project-based promotion, and accountability implementation to ensure that the network law popularization work is carried out vigorously and effectively.

(2) Strengthen overall planning and coordination to form a joint force for work. All localities and units must strengthen their control and orientation, and supervise their implementation. Strengthen the overall coordination of the network law popularization work in the region, and promote the establishment of a network law publicity and education work mechanism led by the network information department, each department is responsible, extensive social participation, and the people as the main body, forming a network of interaction, extensive participation, and joint action. The work of law popularization works together. Further strengthen the law popularization responsibility system of “whoever enforces the law, popularize the law”, and increase the network law popularization of management service objects. Promote “who manages who will popularize the law” and “whoever serves who will popularize the law”, promote Internet social organizations, Internet enterprises, network media platforms, and network information system cadres to learn the law and use them, and participate in supporting the publicity and education of the rule of law on the Internet.

(3) Strengthen the guarantee mechanism and promote the high-quality development of online law popularization. Strengthen the role of finances at all levels in guaranteeing the implementation of the plan, incorporate the funds for online law popularization and education into the fiscal budget of the same level, increase financial investment in online law popularization, and strengthen the support and guarantee of funds for online law popularization in underdeveloped areas. Encourage and guide social funds to participate in supporting the work of online law popularization, and strengthen regulation and management. Strengthen personnel protection, stimulate the vitality of grassroots network law popularization, and earnestly lean toward the grassroots level of law popularization in terms of the number of personnel, treatment, funding, and equipment. Improve theoretical research and strengthen basic research on the laws of network communication and the construction of the rule of law on the Internet. Improve the expert consultation system for publicity and education of the rule of law on the Internet, and enrich and improve the legal consultants and public lawyers team of the Internet information system. Provide solid funding, personnel guarantee and theoretical support for the implementation of the plan.

(4) Pay attention to demonstration and guidance, and do a good job of guidance and inspection. Local Internet Information Offices, central news websites, key theoretical websites, local news websites, and commercial website platforms must promptly summarize the innovative methods, typical practices, and work experience of online law popularization. Encourage all localities and units to focus on key issues, combine their own characteristics, concentrate superior resources, expand communication channels, and conduct differentiated explorations of law popularization in response to the legal needs of different regions and different objects. The Central Cyberspace Administration of China will conduct mid-term assessment and summary acceptance of the network law popularization situation of local cyberspace offices and units, strengthen the dynamic guidance and inspections in the implementation of the plan, and, based on the inspection and summary, provide effective deployment and outstanding work for advanced units and advanced units. Individuals carry out communication reports and promote them in the national network information system. In case of insufficient attention, inadequate measures, and inadequate performance of law popularization responsibilities, a reminder letter and proposal shall be issued, and rectification requirements shall be raised when necessary, and a notification shall be made for criticism.

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