Qi’anxin signs 20 partners to diversify the digital security ecosystem

On December 24, the PKS Safe Advanced Computing 2021 Ecological Conference “Safe Advanced Green Computing + Safe Practice” ecological special session was held at Qi’anxin Security Center. Qi Anxin signed strategic cooperation agreements with 20 companies and formed strategic partners.

Qi’anxin signs 20 partners to diversify the digital security ecosystem

The contract is divided into two rounds. The first round focuses on the PKS system to ensure the intrinsic safety of the underlying structure. The companies that signed this round are: Feiteng, Kylin Software, Huakong Qingjiao, Parasoft, Xindun Times, QingRanFan An, Liancheng Technology, Dian Technology, Hufu Network, Anyu Daohe.

The second round focuses on industry application scenarios and builds in-depth industry security solutions to jointly escort the development of the digital economy. The companies that signed contracts in this round are: UFIDA, Lanqi Technology, Wangsu Technology, 263 Network Communications, Datang Gaohong Xin’an, Zhiyuan Internet, China Power Development, Speck Group, Nuoying Technology, Rogge Technology.

In 2021, Qi’anxin has signed strategic cooperation agreements with hundreds of leading companies in industries and fields to jointly promote the development and construction of industry informatization security solutions to serve customers in all walks of life.

The “Three-year Action Plan for the High-quality Development of the Cybersecurity Industry (2021-2023)” clearly puts forward the development goal of “ecological cultivation”. Qi Anxin is positioned as an ecological layout, a promoter of integrated development, and an explorer of business innovation. It has released the “Navigator Plan” with the idea of ​​”Integrating Endogenous and Building Safety Together”-3543 Strategy: Adhere to 3 Synchronization and Output 5 types of capabilities, 4 types of partners, and a total of 3 platforms. Link 1000 ecological partners, implement 100 kinds of scenario solutions, meet the needs of 10,000 projects, and drive 10 billion output value.

Qi Anxin (stock code 688561.SH) was established in 2014 and is the official sponsor of cyber security services and anti-virus software for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Has been focusing on the cyberspace security market, providing a new generation of enterprise-level cybersecurity products and services to government and corporate users, and has developed into a leading domestic cybersecurity provider based on big data, artificial intelligence and secure operation technologies. It is applied to multiple industry scenarios such as financial technology, smart education, and smart healthcare.

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