Promoting the development of automotive lighting, ON Semiconductor’s new automotive LED drivers and controllers are launched in the market

ON semiconductor (ON semiconductor, NASDAQ: ON), which promotes energy-efficient innovation, has launched a new series consisting of four devices to promote the high level of exterior and interior lighting expected by automakers and consumers. Level performance and innovative features. The new series specifically targets low-power solid-state lighting and includes two LED drivers (NCV7683 and NCV7685) and two current controllers (NCV7691 and NCV7692).


To improve road safety, automakers are moving from simple “on/off” operations to sophisticated systems that combine motion and variable intensity in combined tail lights (RCL), turn signal lights, fog lights, and other externally adjustable LED clusters , To issue clearer and more visible warnings to other road users.

NCV7685 and NCV7683 integrate 12 and 8 linear programmable current sources respectively, which can drive multiple strings of LEDs with currents up to 100 mA per channel. These devices provide a series of configurable options, including daisy chain, lighting brightness control, current adjustment, sequence function and channel combination. NCV7685 adopts 8-bit I2C interface with CRC8 error detection function, which can adjust individual output current through pulse width modulation (PWM), and is used for advanced diagnosis, including LED string open circuit detection or undervoltage detection, and also provides dedicated diagnosis pins . According to specific design requirements, a DC-DC controller and/or LDO regulator can be used to power the NCV7685.

NCV7691 provides a stable wide current range for driving one or more strings of LEDs, requiring only an external NPN bipolar transistor and a feedback resistor. The driver provides design flexibility, can add an additional single channel to a multi-channel system, and supports dimming function through its PWM input. NCV7691 includes string open circuit, short circuit and thermal shutdown functions to ensure the safe and reliable operation of basic lighting. The derived NCV7692 provides faster response time and lowers the threshold for open-circuit load detection.

Jim Alvernaz, Automotive Products Division of ON Semiconductor, said: “The performance and functional possibilities of LED lighting have been demanded by car manufacturers and consumers. Precise lighting drivers and controllers are essential for turning ideas into reality. In addition, In addition to important safety benefits, LED-based automotive lighting also creates exciting opportunities for automotive engineers to enhance brand and image.”

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