Nokia is out of mind!The new Nokia 7610 may be released in the first quarter of next year

Netizens who follow will find that Nokia mobile phones have been more diligent in releasing re-engraving machines in recent years. Perhaps they have tasted the sweetness of re-engraving machines. Nokia mobile phones seem to have to re-engrave all the classic models of the past one by one.

Recently, there has been news that the new Nokia 7610 will be released in the first quarter of next year, and this phone, like the name, is exactly the 5G replica of the Nokia 7610. According to reports, the new Nokia 7610 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor. This processor must be familiar to everyone. It is a new generation flagship processor of Qualcomm, and it is also the current high-end mobile phone circle. With the support of this processor, the new Nokia 7610 has stable performance.

In addition, the new Nokia 7610 will also be equipped with under-screen camera technology to achieve a complete and non-porous full screen. Although this is not a new technology, there are only a few models in the industry. I did not expect that Nokia will give it a copy this time. Model arrangement.

It is worth noting that the new Nokia 7610 still retains the previous “Lancet” body, it can be seen that Nokia is really taken care of this time. If the phone can be released as scheduled, can Nokia phones turn over with this phone?

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