No matter how strong the Apple M1 Max chip is, Microsoft also refuses to provide windows and goes to support Qualcomm.

When Apple uses intel chips, many fruit fans put a windows system on their computers when they buy Mac series computers. Especially in China, many people really cannot do without the windows ecology.

Because the chip is based on the X86 architecture, it is easy to install. Apple even has tools and tutorials. Follow the tutorial step by step and install it.

But after Apple replaced the M1 chip last year, Windows could not be installed on the Mac. The reason is that the M1 chip is an ARM architecture, which is different from the X86 architecture supported by windows.

And this year, Apple released more powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. The performance is indeed outrageous. It can even be said that it has crushed Intel’s chips. Unfortunately, Microsoft still does not support Apple’s M1 series chips. Give fruit fans the windows system.

Of course, some people say that this is a difference in architecture, and windows cannot be installed on ARM architecture chips. But in fact, Microsoft has the windows for ARM version, which was provided in the windows10 era.

But this windows For ARM has restrictions, that is, it is only for Qualcomm chips and cannot be used by other chips. The reason is that Qualcomm and Microsoft reached an exclusive agreement on the right to use Windows on ARM.

So we saw that many notebook manufacturers later used Qualcomm chips and equipped with windows For ARM systems, without exception.

Recently, at the Qualcomm Technology Summit, Qualcomm launched the third generation Snapdragon 8cx computing platform, which is also the world’s first 5nm Windows PC platform. It is mainly designed for PC products and provides more top-notch notebooks for thin and light notebooks and fanless notebooks. performance.

Similarly, for such a notebook, Microsoft will also adapt it to the Windows system, but such a system still cannot be installed on the M1 chip, because the exclusivity agreement has not yet expired.

However, as many ARM chip manufacturers have entered the PC chip field, such as MediaTek, Qualcomm, Huawei, etc., Microsoft has slowly opened up, and the agreement is about to expire, so there is still hope for everyone in the future. Use windows on Mac.

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