“Network security” has once again become a key word in the proposals of many representatives of the two sessions

Build a defense line for the digital economy and strengthen the ability to “safety infrastructure”

Zhou Hanmin, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

National standards for the “security infrastructure” of the digital economy were introduced. With the rapid iteration and continuous innovation of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, and 5G, the digital migration of different industries has accelerated, and the demand for cyberspace security construction standards is particularly urgent. It is recommended that relevant departments organize surveys on the “safety infrastructure” standards as soon as possible, have a broad understanding of the accumulated and effective practices of enterprises in practice, and combine the development of the new generation of information and communication technologies to provide a reference for building a complete safety infrastructure. It is necessary to guide different social entities to have risk defense awareness and capabilities at the beginning of digital transformation, so as to ensure that the digital infrastructure operates at a higher level of security.

Accelerate the legislative work of “safety infrastructure”. In recent years, my country has continuously accelerated its cybersecurity-related governance and legislative work. For example, the “Cyber ​​Security Review Measures” jointly issued by 12 ministries and commissions has set the right direction for new infrastructure to ensure cybersecurity. It is recommended that on this basis, legislation should be adopted to ensure the security of the digital infrastructure supply chain on a larger scale, clarify the security operation specifications of the digital infrastructure, and put forward different regulatory requirements for different application scenarios to reduce network security risks from the source.

Further strengthen the capacity building of “safety infrastructure”. my country’s network security industry has developed rapidly in recent years. However, with the migration of different industries and different scenarios to digitalization, the “one size fits all security package” is far from being able to meet the security needs of current digital infrastructure. It is recommended to strengthen the integration of resources in areas such as network security. In the process of growing the network security industry, more enterprises and scientific research institutes with technical capabilities and application scenarios can participate in the construction of network security in the digital economy. Turn security capabilities that are leading in different fields and industries into an important part of the national cyber security capability system, summarize the experience of leading companies in the digital wave, and improve the “security infrastructure” capabilities of all walks of life.

Promote the safe development of industrial Internet empowered by artificial intelligence

Yan Wangjia, CEO of Venus Star Information Technology Group Co., Ltd.

1. Guide the establishment of joint laboratories to promote technical research and the cultivation of interdisciplinary talents

In the Industrial Internet, industrial technology and information technology are deeply cross-integrated, and many of the network security issues are brought about by the integration of OT networks and IT networks. To study targeted artificial intelligence-enabled industrial Internet security technologies, it is necessary to have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of specific application scenarios. This requires joint research with industrial production companies, network security companies, and related research institutes. Therefore, it is necessary to guide and encourage the establishment of joint laboratories involving multiple parties to build a simulation environment for industrial scenarios to facilitate the discovery of network security problems (such as the mining of industrial control system vulnerabilities) and the verification of the effectiveness of network security technology; cultivate a compound with multiple knowledge and skills Type talents to promote technological integration and innovative exploration.

2. Promote the implementation of artificial intelligence-enabled industrial Internet security practices

The industrial Internet faces many security threats, has a wide range of attacks, and involves a large scale of data. The existing security defense system is difficult to deal with. At the same time, because the industrial Internet directly affects production, it should avoid the use of active technical means such as scanning detection and penetration testing, and it is more suitable for passive automatic vulnerabilities mining based on network traffic analysis, malicious code detection and abnormal behavior discovery, etc., artificial intelligence technology Can play a great help. However, due to the lack of real data support, research and testing are difficult. The National Industrial Internet Security Situation Awareness and Risk Early Warning Platform built by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has taken a step forward in data collection, aggregation, analysis and early warning. It is recommended that some powerful measures can be taken on this basis to promote the practice of artificial intelligence empowering industrial Internet security, such as encouraging Relevant data is shared for research use, experimental pilot projects are set up to carry out real environment deployment tests, etc.

3. Promote the sustainable and adaptive evolution of AI-enabled industrial Internet security

The new generation of information technology adopted in the Industrial Internet has brought major challenges to the existing network security defense system. On the other hand, with the intelligent development of the Industrial Internet, attackers will also use intelligent means to bring new threats. Artificial intelligence technology can achieve automatic improvement through continuous learning from new data, and can use adversarial learning methods to continuously enhance capabilities, and resist malicious artificial intelligence applications. Therefore, studying artificial intelligence to empower industrial Internet security can realize the sustainable and adaptive evolution of the network security defense system. Suggested measures include: guiding and stimulating research on autonomous learning evolution and confrontation improvement of artificial intelligence empowering industrial Internet security technology, and setting up research projects to promote industry-university-research cooperation to tackle key technical issues among them.

Strengthen the top-level design of the Xinchuang security system, and coordinate the construction of a security system

Zhou Hongyi, Chairman of 360 Group

Build a new infrastructure network security protection system as soon as possible: first, we must use holistic thinking to plan the top-level design of the new infrastructure network security protection system; second, we must simultaneously build the new infrastructure security infrastructure, focusing on the construction of the new infrastructure security defense capabilities; third, we must strengthen The big data platform is secure and realizes secure big data collaborative computing; the fourth is to carry out normalized cyber security offensive and defensive confrontation exercises to continuously verify and improve the security capabilities of new infrastructure.

Formulate the “National 5G Security Strategy” as soon as possible: As a new generation of digital infrastructure, 5G will also cause new network security risks while enabling development. Its security has fundamental and overall significance. The significance and urgency of 5G network security should be reviewed from a strategic perspective, the top-level design of 5G security should be strengthened, and the “National 5G Security Strategy” should be formulated.

Accelerate the promotion of industrial Internet security: Industrial Internet is one of the largest application scenarios of new infrastructure. Ensuring the security of new infrastructure should focus on the security of the Industrial Internet. Accelerate the construction of industrial Internet security guarantees, and escort the country’s real economy and society.

Strengthening the construction of Xinchuang’s network security assurance capacity: As a national strategic measure for the creation of an independent innovation ecosystem in the field of information technology in my country, the application of information technology innovation is also an important starting point for new infrastructure. In the next 3 to 5 years, Xinchuang products and solutions will be promoted and applied on a large scale in more fields. Its security issues will face unprecedented challenges. It is necessary to strengthen the top-level design of the Xinchuang security system and coordinate the construction of a security assurance system.

Based on the needs of comprehensive emergency protection for major social risks, improve cybersecurity emergency response capabilities

Xiao Xinguang, Founder and Chief Technical Architect of Antiy Group

Guided by the overall national security concept, fully considering network security as the most typical non-traditional security law feature, while strengthening the network security defense public infrastructure construction and improving the network security protection capabilities of government and enterprise institutions, improving the collaborative research and judgment of major social risks Command mechanism; establish a network security emergency and combat readiness personnel organization mechanism combining government and enterprise; establish a hierarchical strategic reserve and operation and maintenance mechanism for network security technical equipment and combat readiness materials. It is recommended that relevant ministries and commissions provide special guarantees in terms of mechanism, process budget, etc., to form an actual combat training system to ensure that the system, personnel, and equipment always maintain a high level of actual combat capabilities.

Enhance comprehensive data security capabilities and boost innovation in the digital economy

Tan Jianfeng, Chairman of Shanghai Information Security Industry Association

The first is to strengthen professional data security legislation and special law enforcement. He suggested strengthening the “Personal Information Protection Law” and “Data Security Law” to strengthen coordination with other relevant laws and standards, and clarify basic legal issues such as national data sovereignty, corporate data rights, and citizen data rights. At the same time, in response to prominent problems such as the data black industry chain and excessive monopoly of user data by platforms, under the legal framework such as the Cyber ​​Security Law, special continuous law enforcement is carried out to fully reverse the momentum of data crime and data infringement.

The second is to actively carry out the docking of data and artificial intelligence security international rules. Establish a “circle of friends” for the safe flow of data around the “Belt and Road” and other countries, and pilot the establishment of a global data port or offshore data center with international standards for data security. At the same time, explore the establishment of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology data security assessment mechanisms to enhance data security early warning and traceability capabilities.

The third is to increase support for the expansion and strengthening of the network security industry and the establishment of a data circulation system that adapts to the development of artificial intelligence. Tan Jianfeng said that it is necessary to target the new characteristics of data-driven artificial intelligence innovation and development, carry out national data security governance, and promote the standardized collection, safe storage, orderly circulation and legal opening of data resources.

Strengthen national data security protection

Liu Shaoyong, Chairman of China Eastern Airlines Group

The first is to accelerate the formulation of the “Data Security Law” to define the boundaries of the rational use of data. On the basis of effective data protection, through the rational use of data, we will promote the development of national big data, so that the people can enjoy the dividends of the big data era.

The second is to establish extraterritorial applicable clauses in data protection legislation to protect national data sovereignty. It is necessary to provide law enforcement basis for cracking down on data crimes committed by foreign criminals against my country, and at the same time to safeguard my country’s data sovereignty.

The third is to strengthen data asset transaction management and cultivate a healthy data transaction market nationwide. Provide a safe, reliable, efficient and active trading platform for the circulation of data assets.

The fourth is to establish a data protection officer system and improve corporate data protection organizations. The data protection officer system is used to improve the level of business operations in compliance with laws and regulations, and to cultivate the professionalism of employees in the protection of data assets.

Fifth, intensify the crackdown on data security violations and set up specialized information trial agencies. It is recommended to set up a specialized information trial court to conduct special trials on data infringements and data crimes in order to achieve efficient use of judicial resources.

The sixth is to strengthen the publicity of the law to the people across the country and create an atmosphere for data protection. Strengthen the national awareness of the content of data rights and rights protection channels, advance the national big data strategy, and accelerate the construction of a digital China.

Apply blockchain technology to build a “national government public chain”

Newland Chairman Wang Jing

It is recommended to use “new infrastructure” as the starting point, from the top-level design at the national level, and plan the investment and construction of the blockchain system infrastructure in a unified manner, for direct use by various departments, and eliminate the generation of “islands” from the source. At the same time, promote the formulation of blockchain standards, promote the improvement of legislation, realize that the “national government public chain” provides hierarchical and classified sharing services, strengthen the research of underlying technologies and shared technologies, and master core technologies.

Improve relevant supporting laws and regulations of the Cyber ​​Security Law

Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC Group

Accelerate the improvement of the “Cyber ​​Security Law” and other related supporting laws and regulations; clarify the ownership of data in law; formulate unified data cross-border implementation rules and whitelists; explore the establishment of “infringements on my country’s national data protection” Long-arm jurisdiction” system.

Create a national manufacturing information sharing platform

Wang Wenyin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhengwei Group

Start with the top-level design and establish a national manufacturing information sharing platform. To build a manufacturing platform, it is even more necessary to improve data governance and security protection capabilities. Strengthen information security and protect the “intellectual assets” of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing data can not only reflect the operating conditions of the company, but also directly reflect the overall operation of the industry, which is very important.

Therefore, to build a manufacturing platform, it is even more necessary to improve data governance and security protection capabilities. It is recommended to start from the national level and carry out in-depth cooperation with enterprises in the information security field to build an important security fulcrum for the manufacturing industry and better promote the prosperity of the industry.

Strengthen the legal protection of personal information

Zhu Shan, Director of Guizhou Guida Law Firm

In response to the main problems in the legal practice of personal information protection, Zhu Shan puts forward four suggestions:

First, it is recommended that the Central Cyberspace Administration, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice and other departments promote the National People’s Congress to adopt field surveys and other methods to speed up research on big data and personal information protection legislation, focusing on in-depth research on local legislation and practice in big data pilot areas such as Guizhou , Promote the resolution of specific legislative issues such as the subject of personal information collection, data rights, scope of use, and withdrawal conditions, and if necessary, study more adequate issues in advance of legislation.

The second is to speed up the formulation of norms and standard documents such as the “Information Security Technology Personal Information Security Regulations”, and provide basic basis and standards for the regulatory authorities to transform passive law enforcement into active law enforcement. Administrative regulations and rules supporting effective enforcement should also be followed up in a timely manner. Advance, and effectively enhance the effectiveness and standardization of public power intervention.

Third, it is recommended to include such infringement cases into the scope of public interest litigation, establish a litigation system that combines public interest litigation and self-reliance litigation, and strengthen the restraint of private rights. Fourth, it is suggested that law enforcement agencies at all levels should actively improve the enforcement of laws and regulations, strengthen active supervision, comprehensively establish normalized information reporting, random inspections, censuses, and key enterprise investigation systems from the legislative and law enforcement links, and timely verify information collection, storage, and use. Compliance.

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