NavInfo ADS was awarded the Smart Car Technology Innovation Award at the World Smart Car Conference

The 2021 World Smart Car Conference will be held in Guangzhou from December 16th to 17th. The theme of the conference is “Smart Travel·Creative Driving”, with the goal of promoting the deep integration and innovation of automobile, technology and economy, and giving more to smart cars. Extension and possibility. NavInfo’s ADS autonomous driving solution was awarded the “Smart Car Technology Innovation Award” at the conference.

The award is judged by experts in the automotive field, industry associations, scientific research institutions, well-known media, and third-party industry professional review institutions. The judges are based on the comprehensive strength of the company, development prospects, industry influence, brand attention, technology research and development and manufacturing level, and products. Various indicators such as quality, market share, and application prospects are reviewed and scored, and online voting is performed, and the final evaluation is obtained. This is another honor that NavInfo ADS has won this year following the recognition of the China Automobile and Parts Industry Development Innovation Award and the Lingxuan Award.

The intelligent transformation of the automobile industry has entered a period of acceleration, emerging players have cross-border layout, and the commercialization of automobile intelligent-related products and services has continued to advance. The market competition has become increasingly fierce. Difficult problems such as fusion positioning and high cost of sensors have always been obstacles to the real implementation of autonomous driving systems.

From the map service experience and capabilities, NavInfo integrates its own knowledge and accumulation of real-world scenarios and the application of AI technology into the research and development of autonomous driving algorithms and solutions, and realizes autonomous driving based on high-precision maps. The functional application Auto on Map has taken a unique path for the development of autonomous driving, and the area vector is produced to create a truly safe and reliable autonomous driving system.

Auto on Map allows NavInfo ADS to make full use of its industry-leading product application advantages such as high-precision maps and high-precision positioning. Under the guarantee of car-level safety, it uses continuous iterative algorithms, complete data, and flexible decoupling on demand. Solutions and value-added products to realize intelligent driving functions at different levels of L1-L2.9, including software and hardware integrated mass production technical solutions including parking domains and driving domains, to provide industry users with mass-produced, full-scene, Safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable autonomous driving experience.

At present, NavInfo ADS has been designated by some car manufacturers, and has carried out project cooperation with many traditional car companies and new car manufacturers.

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