my country’s Mars Rover Debuts “Mars One” Mars Rover Debuts

On the morning of October 11th, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation accidentally released photos of my country’s first real Mars rover through its official Weibo, and said: “The first public, the true content of my country’s Mars rover is here! “

It is reported that my country’s Mars exploration project has been prepared. The first probe (tentatively named “Mars One”) has been manufactured. It is planned to be launched on the Long March 5 carrier rocket next year and will eventually land near the Martian equator.


The probe will carry the orbiter, lander, and patrol at the same time to complete the three stages of orbiting, landing, and patrol at one time. In addition to the long distance and harsh environment of Mars, the overall difficulty is very large, especially when the lander enters the Martian atmosphere. After the process of slowing down the landing through a parachute, there is only one chance.

The previous failure of the Long March 5 rocket has also adversely affected my country’s lunar and Mars exploration missions, and the progress has been greatly delayed. However, the Long March 5 has been reinstalled and will go back soon (the Yuanwang survey ship has already set off) .

In November 2011, China’s self-developed and experimental “Hinghuo-1” Mars probe was launched with the Russian “Forbes-Soil” probe. It plans to conduct a one-year on-orbit exploration of Mars. Able to change track according to plan, the mission failed.

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