Mouser Electronics signs a global distribution agreement with SpotSee, a supplier of IoT modules

December 21, 2020-Mouser Electronics, an Electronic component distribution focused on introducing new products to promote industry innovation, announced the signing of a global distribution agreement with SpotSee®, a brand supplier of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected platform. According to this agreement, Mouser will distribute the full range of SpotSee products, including collision indicators, collision recorders and related software, so that users can detect damage to goods and equipment caused by them in various operations in real time.

SpotSee ShockWatch® RFID collision indicator can perform high-precision collision detection on items that may be impacted in supply chain applications. The ShockWatch RFID indicator evaluates the impact threshold of a single item and issues related damage alarms when the RFID reader reads the tag. This product is suitable for supply chain applications such as automobiles, national defense, and medical care.

With the ShockLog® collision and environmental recorder, users can monitor the equipment in transit or in use, and record the environmental conditions and impacts of any structure or part. This high-efficiency recorder can increase personnel’s sense of responsibility when handling equipment, prevent improper handling incidents, and reduce the possibility of impact or environmental stress. ShockLog recorders are suitable for a variety of applications, including transportation and logistics, aerospace, HVAC, and electronic and industrial equipment.

OpsWatch collision and vibration recorder can provide real-time vibration and collision information for industrial applications. The product can detect abnormal vibration patterns, which helps to achieve predictive maintenance and prevent equipment failures. OpsWatch recorder supports a wide operating temperature range and is a suitable choice for harsh environments.

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