Mouser Electronics and Apex Microtechnology Sign Global Distribution Agreement

November 10, 2020-Mouser Electronics, a global authorized distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products, announced that it has signed a global distribution agreement with Apex Microtechnology, a well-known high-power analog component manufacturer under HEICO. After signing this agreement, Mouser began to distribute various Apex amplifiers and reference components.

Apex Microtechnology power operation (linear) amplifiers are designed for applications that require high current and high voltage. These amplifier products have high reliability and provide a variety of sizes, the voltage rail is 5V to 2500V, the output current range is 0.01A to 100A (peak), the slew rate is up to 3000V/μs, and it can be piezoelectric drive/positioning, Electrostatic/magnetic deflection and DC/servo motion control and other demanding high-precision power simulation applications provide mature and compact solutions.

Apex Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) amplifiers are suitable for motor control and other low-power applications, and are a cost-effective solution. Engineers can connect PWM amplifiers directly to embedded microcontrollers and digital signal controllers. The power supply (DC link) provided by these devices can reach a voltage of 60V to 650V, an output current of 8A to 30A, and a switching frequency of 20kHz to 500kHz.

Apex high-precision reference devices are ideal for various data conversion applications. Among them, the sine wave reference device can provide a very stable sine wave output and a low temperature coefficient in the entire military temperature range. Apex high-precision voltage reference device adopts its own multi-point laser compensation technology, which effectively improves the accuracy.

The PA85 high-voltage operational amplifier can provide a power bandwidth up to 300kHz and an output current of up to 200mA. The device has a power supply voltage of 450V and a slew rate of up to 1000V/µs. It is very suitable for a variety of high-voltage applications, including instrumentation, programmable power supplies, piezoelectric transducers, and electrostatic transducers and electrostatic deflection.

Apex PA164 and PA165 high-voltage power operational amplifiers use a monolithic amplifier core designed for high-density power applications. These devices can provide up to 200V output voltage, and 1A (PA164) or 4A (PA165) continuous output current, and have a wide temperature compensation current limit range. They can also send out overcurrent signals, which can flexibly realize system protection.

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