moto fully embraces the Chinese market and becomes the moto that Chinese users like

The moto edge X30 equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 will be released soon. Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s mobile phone business department in China, today talked about moto in his eyes and his expectations for the future of moto.

He bluntly said that moto is not the moto that everyone has solidified in their hearts, and that “professional users” is just one of moto’s many labels. After decades of hard work, moto has accumulated deep R&D strength, supply chain resources and global reputation among users, and maintains an important influence in major markets around the world. It is expected that global sales will exceed 50 million units this year.

Chen Jin said that this year is a year when 5G networks are fully blooming, and moto will embrace the Chinese market in an all-round way. Therefore, you will see that this year moto launches one after another with a more localized design and new products that are more in line with user habits, so as to confide to users a desire to be the moto that Chinese users like.

He revealed that in the past year, moto’s share in the Chinese market has continued to grow, and user and media recognition has greatly increased. This has not only increased the confidence of the moto team, but also encouraged him to give back to users with an unprecedented “stud”.

Chen Jin predicted that on December 9th, moto will bring two new “ace” flagship products: “Big King”-moto edge X30, the world premiere of the new Snapdragon 8; “Little King”-moto edge S30, a sincere Full of Snapdragon 888+ flagships.

“We don’t rely on PPT, nor do we need flashy marketing methods. We are willing to use our best ability to bring the most cutting-edge and most intimate flagship terminal products to Chinese users.” Chen Jin said, making products, moto is steadfast and serious ; For users, moto is full of sincerity.

Earlier, Chen Jin said frankly that moto did not do well in the domestic market and needs to continue to work harder to become the moto that Chinese users like. Right now, moto is coming with full sincerity, just to live up to expectations, see the true chapter on December 9th!

Good products can speak, I believe Chinese users can feel the dedication and extreme spirit of the moto team. Go moto! Come on Lenovo!

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