Ma Huateng: It is recommended to accelerate the digitalization of agricultural production

Rural Revitalization: Proposal to accelerate the digitalization of agricultural production


The latest questionnaire survey of the “Tencent for the Village” platform in 2021 shows that the lack of characteristic industries and lack of talents are the main problems that rural netizens believe are currently facing rural areas. Rural netizens have urgent demands for the promotion and application of Internet technology in rural areas. More than 90% of netizens hope to promote Internet technology in rural areas as soon as possible. In terms of rural digitalization, agricultural production facilities, medical facilities, and public basic living facilities are the areas that rural netizens most hope for intelligent improvement.


Guide Internet technology and smart agriculture to “resonate at the same frequency” and accelerate the digitalization of agricultural production. People are always the core element of rural revitalization, and we should vigorously attract and cultivate “new farmers” in the information age to stimulate the endogenous power of rural revitalization.

Specific suggestions include:

Implement a new type of professional farmer training project, and strengthen the training of new agricultural skills such as agricultural science and technology and e-commerce for the “new farmers” who return to their hometowns to start businesses and the grassroots backbone of rural governance;

In the “digital” field of rural public services and emergency management, systematically promote platforms such as open government affairs, convenient services, and rural characteristics;

Explore the use of digital methods to help solve the problems of left-behind children and empty-nest elderly in rural areas.

New forms of employment: help practitioners solve the problem of only eating “youth meal”


The new employment form has the characteristics of large employment capacity, low entry and exit threshold, flexibility and strong part-time work, forming a “reservoir” and “buffer”, which complements standardized employment in the labor market.


Different forms of employment, such as flexible employment, shared employment, and free employment, are different from traditional labor employment methods. Related supporting mechanisms and service systems need to be further adjusted and improved to better protect and serve practitioners in new forms of employment.

In addition, to better protect the physical and mental health and sustainable development of platform economy practitioners, it is necessary to help practitioners solve the problem of only eating “youth meal”.

Specific suggestions include:

It is necessary to broaden the channels for flexible employment groups to participate in social security;

Provide free online courses and employment guidance services for groups with employment difficulties;

Build a “digital school” for lifelong learning for workers, etc.

Digital economy governance: user fund security must be strictly included in supervision


The various frictions and chaos appearing in the current platform economy represent the running-in and adjustment between the new productivity and production relations of digital technology.


Experience has shown that P2P, shared bicycles, long-term rentals and community group purchases must be strictly included in the scope of supervision. Internet travel and freight must have a safety supervision mechanism. There must be a mechanism to guarantee the all-round development of platform economy practitioners.

It is recommended that while enhancing the awareness of opportunities, establish a sense of risk, attach great importance to new contradictions and new problems arising in the development of the digital economy and platform economy, further promote the formation of a joint force between the government, market, society, and enterprises, actively explore innovative supervision and governance methods, and strengthen The development concept of corporate social responsibility and compliance, sharing the fruits of digital economy development in the whole society, we are fully capable of embarking on a new path of digital economic governance with Chinese characteristics, building future development advantages, and providing Chinese solutions and Chinese wisdom for global digital economic governance.

Construction of the Greater Bay Area: Strengthen the construction of the marine protected area network in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area


Strictly implement the red line system, increase the area of ​​marine protected areas, and establish a protection system for marine national parks, marine reserves, and marine parks;

Establish an inter-departmental communication and coordination mechanism, strengthen the restoration of the bay ecosystem at key estuaries in the Bay Area, and strengthen the protection of marine biodiversity;

Improve the capacity building of marine nature reserves in the Greater Bay Area;

Expand the participation of social organizations in the governance of marine nature reserves;

Attach importance to the power of science and technology, and build the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area into a model of a smart ocean bay area.


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