Linxin Investment led the completion of Zhongxin Wafer’s “combined reform” and capital increase of nearly 4 billion yuan

Recently, Shanghai Linxin Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“Linxin Investment”), as the lead investor, brought a number of institutions to form a Chinese-funded buyer group, realizing Hangzhou Zhongxin Wafer semiconductor Co., Ltd. (“Zhongxin Wafer”) The “mixed reform” and production expansion and capital increase round investment have ended perfectly, and the transaction amount of the project is nearly 4 billion yuan. It took only four months for the Zhongxin wafer project to reach its cooperation intention in early July, which was more than two months earlier than expected, fully demonstrating the professional project execution capability of Linxin Investment.

Founded in 2017, Zhongxin Wafer is an integrated semiconductor silicon wafer business within the Nippon Magnetic Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Nippon Magnetic Holdings”) group. It has nearly 20 years of experience in silicon wafer manufacturing and is mainly engaged in high-quality integration R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor silicon wafer materials for circuits, with three 8-inch and two 12-inch semiconductor wafer production lines, of which the 8-inch production line is the largest and most mature production line in China, and the 12-inch production line is the first in my country A production line with core technology that can truly achieve mass production. At present, Zhongxin Wafer has formed a monocrystalline silicon wafer manufacturing industry structure integrating Hangzhou factory, Shanghai factory, and Yinchuan factory. The production capacity of 6-inch and 8-inch semiconductor silicon wafers exceeds 400,000 pieces/month, and 12-inch semiconductor wafers The production capacity of silicon wafers is planned to be expanded to more than 200,000 pieces/month.

Semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing is in the process of transferring from Europe and the United States to Japan and South Korea, and then to China. China will become the world’s most important country and region for wafer manufacturing capital expenditure in the future. Although the scale of the global silicon wafer market has declined slightly, the scale of the mainland market has continued to rise, and the overall self-sufficiency of the semiconductor industry will continue to increase. Silicon substrate materials account for the largest proportion of materials required for semiconductor wafer manufacturing, reaching 35%. In the future, China will become the world’s most important monocrystalline silicon substrate material consumption market. Therefore, China urgently needs local silicon substrate material supply chain support .

As a local wafer manufacturing company, Zhongxin Wafer has a complete monocrystalline silicon substrate material preparation process and production line, and has rich experience in mass production. The core technical team is mainly from overseas and has experienced engineering and technical personnel, plus Japan Magnetics Holdings The support of the group’s single crystal drawing equipment and quartz crucible consumables has inherent advantages in technology and basic conditions.

Mr. He Xianhan, the representative director of Japan Magnetics Holdings and chairman of Zhongxin Wafer, said that it is a miracle that Zhongxin Wafer completed the “mixed reform” and the capital increase in the expansion round ahead of schedule. As a professional investment institution, Linxin Investment has made outstanding contributions. We have always adhered to the principle of sinking our hearts and focusing on doing our own thing, and professional organizations do professional things to achieve win-win cooperation.

Mr. Li Yajun, Chairman of Linxin Investment, said that Linxin Investment, as a well-known investment platform for the integrated circuit industry in China, has been committed to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry chain; R&D and manufacturing enterprises are important milestones for Linxin’s investment in the upstream of the semiconductor industry chain. Linxin Investment will give full play to its industrial background advantages and help Zhongxin Wafer to become a leading semiconductor wafer enterprise.

About Japan Magnetics Holdings

Nippon Magnetic Holdings is a Japanese JASDAQ listed company established in 1980. The group’s businesses include semiconductor manufacturing materials, equipment, precision components, advanced magnetic fluid materials, thermoelectric temperature control modules, power chip ceramic substrates, and photovoltaic-related materials. In addition to the application in the semiconductor manufacturing field, the products are also widely used in industries such as automotive electronics, biomedicine, communications, and power energy. Japan Magnetic Holding Group has business all over the world and entered my country in 1992. It has invested and built factories in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yinchuan and other places. At present, the main business and assets of the group are in my country. Among them, Zhongxin Wafer is its production of wafers in my country. One of its subsidiaries.

About Linxin Investment

Linxin Investment was registered and established in Shanghai Lingang in May 2015. It is the earliest domestic investment institution to carry out overseas mergers and acquisitions in the integrated circuit field and one of the most well-known investment management institutions in the domestic integrated circuit field. The company’s investment team has successively initiated and led the most famous domestic M&A projects such as Lanqi Technology and Haowei Technology. The invested Lanqi Technology (688008) and China Micro Semiconductor (688012) became the first batch of science and technology innovation projects in July 2019. Listed integrated circuit companies on the board.

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