ITECH multi-channel electronic load completes multi-channel output/high-power power supply test with high efficiency

The power supply is a device that provides power to Electronic equipment. Therefore, the stability and reliability of the power supply is directly related to whether the electronic equipment can operate normally. With the development of electronic technology, the appearance and use of electronic equipment are constantly changing, which directly leads to the continuous improvement of the requirements for their power supply equipment. Then, in order to cater to more and more critical electronic products, there are more and more standards that must be met by the performance indicators of the power supply, which also puts forward higher requirements for the instruments and technologies used for power supply testing. .

There are many types of switching power supplies, and the corresponding test methods are also different. This article will focus on the in-depth discussion of the testing of the two power supplies, the multi-output power supply and the high-power power supply.

Multiple output power supply test

Since the 1970s, multi-output switching power supplies have been widely used in electronic systems for industrial, commercial and military equipment. In recent years, with the development of mobile communication technology, the popularity of wearable devices has become a Power supply requirements are getting higher and higher, such as volume, efficiency, output voltage accuracy, load capacity (output current), cross regulation, ripple, and noise.

The output power of multi-channel power supply usually varies in size and specifications. Therefore, in actual testing, engineers need to purchase several single-channel electronic loads of different specifications for testing. In addition to expensive equipment costs, it also takes up a lot of space, and engineers need to set up and operate each unit, and cannot conveniently observe test data simultaneously. It is likely that the test of several modules cannot be completed for a long time, and the efficiency is very high. Low. Therefore, in actual work, more engineers will choose multi-channel electronic loads for testing, which not only greatly improves work efficiency, but also more accurate test data.

ITECH IT8700 series multi-channel electronic load adopts a removable module design. This series of electronic loads has a total of 8 models of modules, from 200W to 600W. Engineers can freely match the modules. A single frame can reach 8 channels, and an extended frame can reach 16 channels. The load modules are controlled by the system synchronously, and the test of up to 16 power outputs can be performed simultaneously. Therefore, the IT8700 series electronic load can meet the test requirements of multiple output power supplies, save space and improve test efficiency.

ITECH multi-channel electronic load completes multi-channel output/high-power power supply test with high efficiency

High-power power supply test

For the test of high-power power supplies, several separate electronic loads are used in parallel to increase the power of the electronic loads. I believe this method has been used by many engineers. But after such a simple parallel connection, it can only complete the most basic power supply test function of large current and long time load. If you need to perform dynamic response test on the power module, the general simple parallel load method is not competent. This is because the internal trigger of each electronic load cannot be completely synchronized. After running for a period of time, several loads in the dynamic mode will cause distortion of the current waveform with the load due to the problem of non-synchronization, and the original smooth rise or The descending curve will become a stepped shape, and the current value will deviate from the set value.

The ITECH IT8700 series electronic load can still achieve real-time synchronization after multiple modules are connected in parallel. Through the timing trigger function of the main frame, engineers can achieve perfect synchronization of multiple modules on the trigger to complete the dynamic response test. For example, using single-channel electronic loads in parallel and multi-channel electronic loads respectively, taking the 0-48A dynamic test as an example for testing. For multi-channel electronic load, we choose to connect three IT8700 series IT8732 (80V/60A/400W) modules in parallel, the power of which can reach 1200W, and the highest current can be tested up to 180A. Then, just set each module to 16A and check its waveform after running for a period of time. The following are the current waveforms of the parallel single-channel electronic load and multi-channel electronic load after running for the same time:

ITECH multi-channel electronic load completes multi-channel output/high-power power supply test with high efficiency

From the figure, it can be clearly seen that after a period of operation, the current waveform of the IT8700 multi-channel electronic load is not distorted, and the synchronization performance is better. The unique timing trigger function of IT8700 series multi-channel electronic load enables it to complete up to 16 channels of multi-channel power module output test, and it can also easily meet the requirements of dynamic response test after multi-channel load modules are connected in parallel. .

ITECH IT8700 series electronic load

ITECH IT8700 series programmable electronic load adopts modular structure design and has the world’s original dynamic power distribution technology. One module can realize multiple tests. This series of electronic load single machine can realize the function of 1~16 electronic load, the power of the extended frame can reach 4800W, the measurement resolution can reach 0.1mV, 0.01mA, the built-in waveform is generated in the LIST mode, and various carrier shapes can be simulated , To meet the test requirements of power modules of different specifications in many fields. IT8700 series electronic load can be applied to: multi-channel or single-channel output AC/DC power supply, DC/DC converter, charger, battery and power supply electronic component performance test.

in conclusion:

ITECH has been committed to the research in the related industry test field with “power electronics” products as the core. IT8700 series programmable multi-channel electronic load is one of the many star products, inheriting the high level of ITECH products. Performance, high quality, can meet the testing needs of multiple output power supplies and high-power power supplies, saving costs and improving work efficiency.

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