It is reported that Qualcomm, AMD and other heavyweight customers of TSMC are interested in importing Samsung’s 3nm process

Recently, according to a report from China’s Taiwan Economic Daily, TSMC’s sprint for the 3nm process has now entered the trial production stage. When Samsung wants to take the lead in 3nm with TSMC, and mass production in the first half of next year, the industry has reported that TSMC is accelerating the pace of 3nm mass production, and it is expected to be at least one quarter ahead of schedule to mass production in the second quarter of next year.

According to public information, TSMC does not comment on market rumors related to the 3nm process. Industry insiders pointed out that TSMC and Samsung compete fiercely in advanced manufacturing processes and overseas layout. Samsung is currently leading the investment in new plants in the United States, intending to surpass TSMC in terms of 3nm mass production schedule. It is reported that Qualcomm, AMD and other heavyweight customers of TSMC are interested Import Samsung 3nm process.

In addition, industry sources revealed that TSMC is actively accelerating the pace of 3nm mass production in the face of Samsung’s catching up. If mass production of 3nm can be made ahead of schedule, it is expected that the first batch of customers will include major manufacturers such as MediaTek and Nvidia. MediaTek Chief Executive Cai Mingjie said a few days ago that it is working closely with TSMC. 5nm and 4nm products are already in mass production, and 3nm will be the next process.

According to wisdom bud experts, according to wisdom bud data, as of the latest, TSMC and its affiliates have a total of 68,394 patent applications in 126 countries/regions. Among them, invention patents accounted for 99.27%. From the perspective of patent trends, TSMC’s annual patent applications are currently the lowest at 867 and the highest at 7,109. Overall, the trend of TSMC’s patent applications is increasing year by year.

In addition, according to the benchmark comparison data of the smart bud patent industry, it can be said that the average value of the above-mentioned patents of TSMC is basically compared with the average value of industry patents. The average value of TSMC’s industry patents is much higher than the industry average value, and only a few are lower than the industry average value. The average value accounts for about 30%.

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