Israel develops masks that can be plugged in and heated by USB to kill the new crown virus

Israeli researchers recently stated that they have developed reusable masks that can be heated by plugging in a mobile phone charger to kill the new coronavirus.

Professor Yail Ein-Eri, a professor at Technion-Israel University of Technology and the leader of the research team, said that a single plug-in disinfection process for masks takes about 30 minutes, and masks should not be used for disinfection.

The newly developed mask has a USB interface, which can be directly connected to a power source such as a standard mobile phone charger. After the power is turned on, the carbon fiber inside the mask can be heated to 70 degrees Celsius to kill the virus.

Ein-Eri believes that during the pandemic, there is a strong global demand for disposable masks, but disposable masks are neither economical nor environmentally friendly. People should wear reusable masks that are conducive to environmental protection. The purpose of developing new masks with the team.

The newly developed mask prototype is like a standard N95 mask, with a valve on the front, and the rubber band on the mask helps to fix it on the user’s face.

At the end of March, researchers applied for a patent for the newly developed mask in the United States. Currently, they are discussing the issue of commercial production with the private sector. It is expected that the single price of this mask may be $1 higher than that of ordinary disposable masks.

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