Is there a new way out for Google’s 5G phones under the weight of Huawei and Apple?

As the growth rate of the global smartphone market continues to slow, many mobile phone manufacturers regard 5G mobile phones as the key to saving sales. In addition to Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., Google has also joined the ranks of pushing 5G mobile phones.

On October 10, according to foreign media reports, Google is likely to launch a 5G smartphone at the hardware conference held in New York City on October 15. As the most popular in the field of smartphones, 5G mobile phones are highly anticipated by users around the world. Of course, the actions of mobile phone manufacturers giants Huawei, Apple, Samsung and others on 5G are also frequently arousing high discussions in the technology circle.

As the world’s attention-grabbing technology giant, Google’s search business and Android system are its two trump cards. Although everyone knows what Google does in these two businesses, it also has its own short-board business, that is, smartphones. When it comes to Google’s smartphones, the biggest evaluation of the outside world is that it is not tepid, and it is reasonable to say that there are many inherent advantages in making smartphones based on Google, but according to global sales, it can be said to be compared with other mobile phone manufacturers. There is already a huge gap between the giants.

This time Google is the first to release 5G mobile phones before Apple. Although it has a slight advantage in timing, the smartphone industry is no longer a stage where it can be done with money. Under the monopoly of mobile phone manufacturers, other brands only A piece of leftover that can be shared. In the final analysis, why can’t Google’s smartphone business be done? As Google’s weakness, can it still use 5G mobile phones to increase its presence in the field of smartphones?

Ushering in the first year of 5G mobile phones, Google also took the opportunity to issue new 5G phones to brush their presence

2019 is considered by the outside world to be the “first year of 5G mobile phones”, and a large number of mobile operators in different countries and regions have begun to adopt 5G networks. Of course, many mobile phone manufacturers are driving the popularity of 5G mobile phones. With their help, 5G mobile phones will become one of the biggest driving forces for the growth of smart phones in the future.

According to the latest research report “By 2024, the sales forecast of smartphones in 88 countries in the world divided by technology” released by a world-renowned market research and consulting organization, 5G mobile phones will account for nearly half of all mobile phone sales within 5 years. By 2025, 5G mobile phones will be sold. The sales volume is expected to exceed 1 billion. Strategy Analytics predicts that the sales of 5G equipment will only account for less than 1% of the total sales in 2019, and the share will be close to 10% by 2020.

In the field of 4G mobile phones, the current situation of global mobile phone manufacturers is also clear at a glance. According to the latest data report of the research organization Gartner, global smartphone sales in 2019 still showed a slow downward trend. Sales in the second quarter fell by 1.7% to 368 million units (down from 374 million units in the same period last year). ). Among the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in sales, Samsung still ranks first, while Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, and OPPO rank second to fifth.

Domestic mobile phone brands Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo have also used their strength and sales to prove their position in the field of smartphones. It can be said that these brands are winners in the field of 4G mobile phones. But entering the 5G era is both an opportunity and a challenge for mobile phone manufacturers, and whether they can seize the 5G market dividend is also crucial.

At present, many mobile phone manufacturers have launched 5G mobile phones, but in terms of influence and attention, mobile phone manufacturers have the highest sense of existence. The test of mobile phone brands pushing 5G mobile phones is their internal strength, whether mobile phones can bring consumers a better experience under the 5G network. Up to now, major mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi have all released 5G models. In the 5G tide, only Apple has not yet launched a new model, and it is still a bit behind other friends in terms of timing.

Although there are several 5G mobile phone products currently on the market, they have not set off a high sales boom in the consumer market. The most fundamental reason is that the price is regressing. It is reported that the current models of the same model only support 5G, leading to high prices. The Samsung Galaxy Note10 5G version is the cheapest 6599 yuan, the Huawei Mate30 5G has the lowest price 4999 yuan, and the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G is 3699 yuan.

In the field of smartphones, Google can only be regarded as one of the participants. The influence of mobile phones is not very popular in the world. On the basis of the tens of millions of sales of other mobile phone manufacturers, Google mobile phones only have a few million. The gap in sales is still obvious.

This time, it is reasonable for Google to be exposed by foreign media that it will push 5G mobile phones. On the one hand, the popularity of 5G mobile phones is very high. The fact that Google can launch new models shows that it still attaches great importance to the smartphone business. On the other hand, this It may also be an opportunity for Google, but it is still very difficult for Google to come up with a 5G mobile phone, and it seems that it is really not feasible for Google to make a smart phone.

Smartphones have become Google’s “heart disease”

Although Google has not been making smartphones for a long time, as one of the world’s top technology giants, Google has failed to make a lot of achievements in making smartphones. This can be regarded as a “stain” in Google’s many businesses. For Google, its Android system is the only one that can compete with the iOS system in the field of smartphones. It should be a unique advantage to develop mobile phones with its own system, but according to the market feedback of the launched mobile phones, it is almost thunderous. Small, and did not bring high returns for Google.

Why can’t Google’s smart phone be made? In the eyes of the outside world, Google’s failure to make smartphones successful is affected by many factors. According to the US Stock Research Agency, it mainly focuses on the following aspects.

1. Google’s smartphones in the United States have not established a good relationship with operators and have no channel resources to sell goods

For mobile phone manufacturers, the importance of channels is self-evident. This is one of the most advantageous channels for their mobile phones to face the widest range of users. It is reported that the main market for Google’s Pixel phones is in the United States. The U.S. market is different from the Chinese market. The U.S. smartphones are shipped by telecom operators, but only Verizon cooperates with Google. The other three companies include AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. No cooperation has been reached.

For Google, without the support of operator channels, even the best mobile phone products will not work in the US market. Offline operators have stores all over the country. In fact, they are the easiest to reach consumers. Google has not established a good relationship with these operators, which has caused it to encounter considerable resistance in mobile phone sales. Apple is not the case. The relationship with these operators is very good. It is not difficult to understand why Apple’s sales in the US market have been very good.

2. Google’s Android system is open to mobile phone manufacturers, and there are many restrictions on making mobile phones by itself

In the field of smart phones, in addition to the importance of hardware, the system is like a switch of smart hardware, which controls what kind of functional services the smart phone can provide to the mobile phone. At present, the smart phone field is mainly composed of two major systems, Android and iOS systems. For Google, its acquisition of the capital-injected Android system in August 2005 can be said to be the most cost-effective transaction in its acquisition history.

Compared with the closed system of iOS, Android adopts the principle of being open to all mobile phone manufacturers. According to the latest data, in the global smart phone market, the Android system has a market share of 87%. For Google, the opening of the Android system has brought it huge returns, because on the one hand it occupies the mobile Internet portal; on the other hand, it deploys other businesses and seizes market opportunities to launch mobile search, Google Maps, Google Store and other applications. It brings tens of billions of dollars in advertising revenue.

Although Google owns the Android system, because the system is open to mobile phone manufacturers, it will actually have some concerns when making mobile phones. There is a kind of being both an athlete and a referee, which is not conducive to gaining outside recognition. Once Google increases its investment in mobile phones on a large scale, other manufacturers are bound to have adverse reactions, which will eventually affect the entire Android ecosystem. From this perspective, Google is actually in an awkward situation when it comes to smart phones.

3. Google smartphones did not pay enough attention to the Chinese market and missed the biggest market development dividend

As the world’s largest smartphone market, the Chinese market has become the focus of many mobile phone manufacturers fighting, but it seems that Google has not paid much attention to the Chinese market in making smartphones. According to the latest set of data, the sales of smartphones in the Chinese market are still very strong. According to data released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China’s smartphone shipments in July 2019 were 32.952 million units; cumulatively, China’s smartphone shipments reached 210 million units from January to July 2019, a year-on-year decrease. 4.2%, accounting for 95.6% of mobile phone shipments over the same period, of which Android phones accounted for 92.9% of smart phones.

For Google, it is undeniable that it faces very strong opponents in the Chinese market, especially Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, etc., which have established considerable competitiveness in the market based on their own strength, but will not enter the Chinese market. This is destined to make it less than the big cake in the Chinese market. Although Android phones have an absolute advantage in the Chinese market, the sales of Google’s own smartphones in the Chinese market are zero. How can there be an increase in sales without entering the world’s largest smartphone market?

In addition to not paying attention to the Chinese market, in other markets around the world, Google Pixel phones still lack offline retail partners and self-built stores, which also makes its sales in other overseas markets unsatisfactory.

From the above factors, it can be seen that Google’s smart phones are not affected by two factors, both internal and external. Although Google’s various conditions seem to be superior, it is still subject to a lot of constraints in terms of smart phones. If you do this business wholeheartedly, Google’s smartphone business is likely to still have no big splashes in the future. This time Google will push 5G mobile phones and still see that it has not given up on the smartphone business, but does it still have the opportunity to borrow 5G to rectify its name on its mobile phones?

5G will become the last ticket for Google’s smartphones. Can it be tested in corners and overtaking?

Although 5G mobile phones are being fired very hot now, the current leading mobile phone manufacturers have only launched test-water products to test the acceptance of 5G mobile phones in the consumer market. It is very likely that 2019 will only be the first appearance of 5G mobile phones in the market. With the widespread popularization of 5G network technology next year, next year will be a year for mobile phone manufacturers to focus their weapons on fighting.

For Google, although the top mobile phone manufacturers have a high sense of presence in the field of 4G smartphones, they are still at the same starting line in the field of 5G mobile phones. In terms of sales, brand effect, and consumer reputation, whether it is Huawei There is no big gap between Samsung and Xiaomi in the field of 5G mobile phones. For Google, this is likely to be an important turning point for its 5G mobile phones. It’s just that it is more difficult for Google’s 5G mobile phones to be paid by consumers. In what ways should they be diligent in the future?

The previous Pixel phone series launched by Google has been criticized by many users in terms of functions. In fact, it is difficult for smart phones to gain consumers’ favor without innovative breakthroughs. The price of 5G mobile phones currently on the market is not a small problem. For Google, what kind of route the follow-up 5G mobile phone positioning takes is actually also very important. Therefore, for Google, how to ensure that its own 5G mobile phones have great advantages in terms of performance and price is very important.

In addition, in terms of channels, this can be regarded as a shortcoming of Google’s smart phone. How to win more cooperation with operators in the US market in the future is still critical. Although overseas markets will allow Google to increase its cost input, it is also an important market that drives the growth of mobile phone sales. Especially the smartphone shipments in the Chinese market are still very high. It is also very important how Google will make 5G mobile phones smoothly enter China in the future. important.

As a new player in the global smartphone market, Google’s Pixel mobile phone series currently has a market share of less than 0.5%. It can be said that this is also Google’s “humiliation”. The launch of 5G mobile phones this time also shows that Google is Smart phones are still attached great importance to, this will also be Google’s last chance to appear in the field of smart phones, once it fails to seize the 5G development trend, the follow-up may still be unremarkable. Whether Google’s 5G mobile phone can be used to overtake a corner, the US Stock Research Agency will continue to pay attention to its follow-up trends.

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