Inventory: How the U.S. Tech Giants Cope with the Novel Coronavirus

Netease Technology News, March 6, according to foreign media reports, the global technology industry is plagued by the new coronavirus, many activities have been cancelled, Apple and Microsoft have issued warnings to investors. Many companies have closed their factories and banned their employees from traveling on business. Major industry events such as Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, Google I/O Developer Conference, Geneva Motor Show and Mobile World Congress have been forced to cancel.


The social media platform Facebook was forced to cancel the F8 Developer Conference, the biggest event of the year. CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) originally planned to promote Facebook’s development and challenges at the conference; as an alternative, Facebook will hold local gatherings and online events for developers.

Reduce employee business trips.

A marketing summit of about 4,000 people originally scheduled to be held in early March was cancelled.

Provide free advertising for WHO and provide health information to the public.

The production of the virtual reality headset Oculus VR is expected to be postponed.

Advertising on the platform that can cure the coronavirus is prohibited.

Exit the South by Southwest Music Festival.

It was announced that an unofficial employee in the Seattle office was tested positive for the novel coronavirus. According to reports, the company’s Seattle office is closed until March 9 and employees are encouraged to work from home at least until March 31.


Apple said that due to the impact of the new coronavirus, it will not be able to achieve quarterly revenue expectations.

Apple’s 42 stores in China were temporarily closed, and then the stores have been reopened.

Apple is forced to find alternative sources of parts.

The company restricts some business trips.

Apple closed a retail store in Italy.

According to reports, Apple withdrew from the South by Southwest Music Festival.


The company told employees in the Seattle area to work remotely as much as possible.

Temporarily close some offices outside the United States.

Part of the business trip is restricted.

An employee in Zurich, Switzerland was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

Cancel the Google News Initiative Summit scheduled to be held in Sunnyvale, California at the end of April.

The annual cloud conference, which attracted 30,000 participants last year, was transformed into an online event.

Cancel the annual I/O developer conference originally scheduled to be held in Mountain View, California from May 12th to 14th.


The company announced that it “recommends” all employees working in the Seattle/Pugent Bay Area and San Francisco Bay Area to work from home “before March 25”.

Microsoft warned investors that revenue from business units including the Windows operating system and Surface devices may be lower than previously expected.


The company withdrew from the South by Southwest Music Festival, and CEO Jack Dorsey originally planned to give a keynote speech at the festival.

Suspend all non-critical business trips and employee activities.

It is recommended that all employees start working from home.

Dorsey originally planned to stay in Africa for a few months in 2020, but said on March 5 that he would reassess these plans “in light of the new coronavirus.”


According to reports, Amazon has deleted more than 1 million products that claim to be able to cure or prevent the new coronavirus.

Remove thousands of items involved in price fraud.

An employee at the company’s Seattle headquarters has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is currently in quarantine.

Amazon told employees in the Seattle area to try not to go to work before the end of March.

Exit the South by Southwest Music Festival.


Some customers can cancel their reservations without being fined.


In Mexico, the accounts of approximately 240 users were temporarily closed by Uber due to exposure to two drivers who may be exposed to the new coronavirus.


Lyft encourages employees at its San Francisco headquarters to work from home this week, after a team member was found to have “have been in contact with someone exposed to the new coronavirus”. The company confirmed this news on March 5.


The company warned investors that profits in the first quarter may be “slightly” affected.


On March 5, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff asked all employees in Seattle, Kirkland, and Bellevue, Washington to work from home throughout March.

Industry Activities

Out of concerns about the new coronavirus, some important industry events have been cancelled or changed to online.

The Mobile World Congress originally scheduled to be held in Barcelona on February 24.

Facebook was originally scheduled to hold the marketing summit and F8 developer conference in March.

The Geneva Motor Show, one of the biggest auto shows this year, had previously been banned by the Swiss government for all events with more than 1,000 people.

At the Adobe annual summit in Las Vegas, the company said it will provide some content online.

Google’s biggest event this year, Google I/O Developer Conference, Google originally planned to announce its latest products and initiatives at the conference.

The annual Game Developers Conference was originally scheduled to be held in San Francisco from March 16 to 20; due to the withdrawal of exhibitors such as Amazon, Microsoft, Epic Games, Sony, Electronic Arts and Facebook, the conference has been postponed.

The annual Cybersecurity RSA Conference was held in San Francisco at the end of February, but major exhibitors such as IBM, Verizon and AT&T withdrew from the conference. (Chenchen)

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