Introduction to China Mobile’s five aspects of 5G application innovation practice

China Mobile not only leads global operators in terms of 5G standards, but also pioneered the nation’s and even the world’s first innovative practice of 5G applications in terms of 5G service exploration and application innovation.

At the China Mobile 5G+ Innovation Cooperation Conference held a few days ago, Yan Zhongwei, deputy general manager of China Mobile Migu, introduced China Mobile’s five aspects from 5G+Ultra HD, 5G+ cloud gaming, 5G+ video ring back tone, 5G+AR/VR, and 5G+ ecology. 5G application innovation practice.


5G+Ultra HD

Yan Zhongwei said: “Whether it is for individuals or for industries, 5G must first detonate visual experience, and the visual related must be ultra-high-definition.” User needs, industry trends, and government needs have allowed UHD to enter millions of households. It can be said that UHD It is the darling of the 5G era.

In the 4G era, the business model of content plus traffic has come to an end. The traffic management under 5G coverage includes the following eight elements: scenarios, networks, software and hardware, content, products, services, tariffs and services. These eight elements must be combined for the transformation of next-generation traffic operations for digital service operations.

Under the overall guidance of China Mobile, Migu has made many attempts with its partners. Last summer, Migu achieved the first real 4K live broadcast in China in the history of the World Cup; on January 18 this year, in the CBA Beijing Shougang vs. Zhejiang Guangsha match, Migu created the world’s first 5G+ true 4K sports event. live streaming.

Under the leadership of 5G Ultra HD, Migu has refreshed the audiovisual experience in sports, entertainment, culture and other fields, greatly improving the quality of users’ entertainment and leisure life, covering content collection, content production, content operation and editing, content transmission and distribution, The five major links of communication such as terminal presentation, “Migu 5G+True 4K” end-to-end capabilities to empower user-side experience upgrades, have been verified in many “industry firsts” practices.

5G+ cloud gaming

With the advent of the 5G era, cloud games have actual network support. Yan Zhongwei introduced that the essence of cloud gaming is ultra-high-definition interactive video. The transmission rate of up to 10Gbp/s provided by 5G technology is conducive to the transmission of ultra-high-definition game images above 8K; the 5G network delay is as low as 10MS, which will also improve the stability of the interactive experience; Cloud archives, devices can be switched at will; cloud games load without lag, which is close to local games. The experience gap between cloud games and terminal games may be completely wiped out.

Yan Zhongwei further pointed out that since China Mobile officially released a new generation of game platform based on cloud gaming technology-Migu Kuaiyou on June 25 this year, it has loaded 3000+ premium games and has more than 18 million users in 3 months. , And the number of users is growing rapidly month by month.

5G+Video ring back tone

From the dynamic zone to 12530, including Jay Chou’s recent song “Say Good or Not Cry”, China Mobile has been deeply involved in the CRBT business for many years. There are many channels for sharing the song “Say Good or Not Cry”, but only on China Mobile’s video ring back tone platform can real-time interaction, the trinity of audiovisual and touch, and efficient diversion.

Yan Zhongwei said that the video ring back tone is China Mobile’s unique 5G benchmark application. At this stage, it is fully ahead in terms of cooperation introduction, content storage and joint development. The 5G phase will establish a more complete ecological cooperation model.


Previously, the VR industry has been suffering from the bandwidth limitations of the 4G network environment and was unable to achieve wide-spread applications. With the landing of 5G services, the VR industry is expected to usher in an explosion.

At the China Mobile 5G+ conference on June 25, China Mobile announced that it will invest more than 3 billion yuan to implement the “5G+Ultra HD VR Empowering Digital Content Industry Innovation and Development” plan to create a full-scene immersive experience ecosystem that covers video, audio, and comic books , Completely innovate the user’s audio-visual experience.

In terms of content, open the introduction of partners, converge the content ecology, and at the same time create a layout of self-made content, produce its own content in sports and performing arts, and ensure the absolute leading position in the industry in terms of quantity and quality.

In terms of terminals, follow the principle of “open cooperation + joint development-deep customization”, gradually integrate into the industrial ecology, and promote the work of Migu VR terminals. By creating a multi-scenario, ultra-high-definition, interactive terminal system with large and small screens, we will promote the development of 5G services and achieve the ultimate goal of “scene + content + application + terminal”.

In terms of platforms, according to the requirements of the marketing department of China’s headquarters, September, December and June next year are three important time nodes. The product was launched quickly on September 20, and the cloudification of VR capabilities was realized in December. The VR platform fully supports the development of the entire ecosystem in the first half of next year.

5G+ ecology

As a carrying platform, China Mobile has built a 5G open ecosystem in an all-round way, and joined hands with the industry chain to create a 5G ecological “friend circle”.

One is the T.621 mobile terminal animation standard industry alliance. In March 2017, the International Telecommunication Union officially released the international standard for mobile phone (mobile terminal) animation (standard number T.621). This standard is independently initiated and formulated by China, and it is the first international technical standard in the field of culture in my country. Under the unified organization and guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, related companies such as China Mobile Migu and R&D institutions such as Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications have carried out a series of work on the formulation and promotion of mobile animation standards.

The second is the China Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance. China Mobile Migu, as the deputy director unit and the leader unit of the content supply group, will aim to accelerate the content innovation and prosperity of my country’s ultra-high-definition industry and build an advanced and complete industry ecology of ultra-high-definition video content stickiness. Migu’s main task is to promote breakthroughs in key technologies and specifications for each link of UHD content, especially in the field of UHD and VR, formulate content standards and industry standards, and promote the high-quality development of UHD and VR.

The third is the 5G Multimedia Innovation Alliance (5MII). 5MII is a 5G multimedia innovation alliance led by mainstream media organizations, new media companies, industry organizations, and scientific research units within the United Nations by China Mobile Migu. At present, the alliance has 44 member units and its main task is to promote 5G media-based technologies. The innovation of three modes of, standard and application.

The fourth is the 5G business operation ecology. Yan Zhongwei introduced that for the personal market, Migu opened a 5G business operation ecosystem, taking integration, integration, and intelligence as the key path, and jointly building a multi-dimensional ecological rights system with more than 30 Internet companies in 11 major areas. At the meeting, China Mobile Migu officially launched joint membership rights cooperation with Tencent, iQiyi, Youku, Weibo, and Himalaya. It is understood that this cooperation will achieve the effect of 10 partners with income exceeding 100 million, 20 partners with income exceeding 50 million, and 30 partners with income exceeding 10 million.

“Follow-up China Mobile Migu will work with hundreds of high-quality partners to comprehensively build a multi-dimensional equity ecosystem,’co-building, sharing, symbiosis, and win-win’ to quickly build a 5G+ innovation ecosystem, and open users’ full-scene immersive service experience.” Yan Zhongwei said .

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