Intel CEO: Supply chain problems will continue until 2023

The Wall Street Journal reported on December 8th that Intel and Accenture CEOs stated at the CEO Council Summit held by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that for some companies, supply chain issues affecting the entire U.S. economy are improving, but long-term repairs may be possible. Need more time.


Intel CEO: Supply chain problems will continue until 2023

Niraj Shah, CEO and co-founder of the online retailer Wayfair, said: “The most serious problem was in the summer of 2021, but it is slowly recovering.”

Chip giant Intel is at the center of the global semiconductor shortage storm. The company’s CEO Kissinger predicts that supply chain problems will continue until 2023, partly because it will take three years to build a new plant.

Kissinger said: “We believe that the current stage is the worst.” He said in July this year that he believes the global semiconductor shortage may continue into 2023.

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